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  1. Man even Hunter X Hunter came out of hiatus and these guys still couldn't release the event.
  2. Super fast ev trainer, always pulls through 10 /10
  3. Hey keep up the great work 🔥 Hoping to see your new sale soon ™
  4. Wonder who pissed you off this bad bro
  5. The best ev trainer in the game atm. She completed 60 mons for me in one go and was very swift, always kept me updated and did the job efficiently. Y'all sleeping on this service if you haven't used it yet. 5 stars service!
  6. Might as well write this in hieroglyphics.
  7. Definitely vote for more boxes. Buying a pc expansion drive isn't an option now considering how much the rp prices increase during event seasons. Breeders, shunting or even pvp at some point 11 boxes aren't enough.
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