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  1. We definitely have to do something about that, the corrupt npc are retaining and kidnapping the legendaries, those corrupt npc will be defeated!
  2. https://pastelink.net/legendaries
  3. I could've expected some weird history, but leaving the game cause they left your jolteon without OT surpassed any expectation i had
  4. They already said that the exclusive cosmetics will come back so it's not like a massive problem that this season ended 1month before, you will have another chance to get the cosmetics
  5. You could post a suggestion in the suggestion box and maybe it will happen soon :^)
  6. Aun que no concuerdo con tu opinión de la bolita rosada, aun así te doy la bienvenida y te deseo paz y felicidad
  7. And now we are going to necropost this thread
  8. Almost any pokemon is useful for the storyline so i recommend you to complete the stories and then focus on the good ivs for pvp
  9. it would be fun if @Squirtle gives the squirtle
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