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  1. Hello, 9 hours ago I did a post about an unfair ban to my acc I did that but when I try to send a ban appeal, it says "Ban appeals must be made within 6 months". I enfatize that I didnt know that I was banned, even they didnt send me any email about ban. I want to return to the game becausa a friend of mine wants to play but I can't rn. Please help me, I dont want to lose my acc unfairly
  2. I started playing PokeMMO in 2019 but I stopped playing because I got boring. Now I want to play with my friend (He's new in this game) and I my acc got banned. I never did trades out the game, I never used hacks to get gold or something like that. I played clean on my smartphone. There is a big mistake. You can check in your database that I played clean all the time but now when I want return to the game I cant because an unfair ban. I hope you help me, I dont want to lose my acc without a valid reason.
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