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  1. Although there is already a shiny existence thread in which people post their succesfull shiny-hunts, i needed a thread to post my fail, hopefully to be joined by other failures so we can share the pain. After having invested more or less 160M in ditto's, i'm now at 540k so i'll have 3 boxes to finish my shiny-hunt soooo i guess this will be my shiny-hunt-fail-story. Started with all the COVID-situation breeding eggs a year ago and after more or less 55k eggs still no luck :'( Please share your failed shiny hunts where you also never found the shiny you looked for :'(
  2. So does this also mean if youre already sure that you win, its better to keep stalling to get more points? And then try to get the win as late as possible? Is the point system time-related or turn-related btw?
  3. Hi, Can someone give me some advice how to grind matchmaking for the reward. I think some seasonal vanities are very cool and I'd like to be able to try to get some and for that I want to grind matchmaking. I don't really know how the point-system works, so if someone can clarify this for me, it would be nice. Also I'd like some comments about how hard it will be for someone who doesn't play competitive to grind matchmaking. Will it be possible to achieve the rewards? And what kind of teambuilds work the best (balanced, hyperoffensive, defensive,...) to grind the matchmaking? (I don't have any teams yet, I'll have to build some) And would I have to build different teams in one tier, or can I just spam the same team an entire season or is that going to fail hard? To be clear, I'm not looking for tips to win tournaments or anything. What i want to say with this is: If i can win 2 games and lose 1 game in one hour with an offensive team and it gives me more points than winning 1 game in one hour with a defensive team, I prefer the first even if i lose more with it.
  4. with that logic everything is broken at the end, because you'll have to lose to some move at the end... in your case perish song, but could also have been any other move that was super effective or strong enough it's normal that at some point in a duel you'll reach a point where you can't win anymore, this doesn't mean the moves that will make you lose after that moment are "broken" I wish you good luck with avoiding to arrive in this situation again and i wish you good luck in next PvP battles!
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