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  1. The developers live in a fantasy world believing that a warning will solve the flinch, but hey, understandable they don't even bother to read us and even less do they know how frustrating it is to see and lose duels due to this item that does not contribute anything competitively
  2. And that's the solution they provided, it's completely the stupidest thing they could do, I still think TC could ban this item from pvp although I'm not sure about that.
  3. We have been complaining about that for months, but unfortunately we cannot blame TC for this, it is the fault of the developers who believe that placing a warning notice solves the flinch and unfair victories that this item offers
  4. It is not necessary to win UU tournaments to provide calculations, anyone can and that is not why the comment in the discussion will be denied, you are wrong if you think that it takes 20/30 tournaments to give a personal opinion
  5. I don't know, it seems like a problem to me having to take 3 mons just to stop one
  6. I do not know why to compare pZ with Lucario, pZ still suffers from Revenge kill, his typing prevents him from configuring before many things and being able to enter before others, Lucario no, his type despite his defenses the type gives him certain resistances that he can use to boost , An example is the crunch or stone edge of a krooko choice, also, the problem with pZ is that the fastest attackers pressed it too much, to the point that in some games I have always felt it like a dead weight, lucas did not , in addition to that pZ when configuring nasty you could put another faster mon and make it run away, instead Lucario can stay and in a +2 eliminate the Revenge killers, so you need to have your fastest sweepers to full life to avoid the sweep, although Crobat was mentioned as a control, it still suffers from rocks and a good predictor could make ice crobat fall with extreme and rocks, or keep it above 50%, which is difficult due to the fact that rocks UU setter push him, igu At least I would not be surprised to see lucario nasty running psychic, I have played a few games recently and watching the opponent's buildeo I have been able to configure Lucario in a Krooko pursuit and porygon discharges and sweep a common team with him.
  7. Not because the meta is forced to change does it mean that they will make it chaos, it does not even take a suspect to realize how chaotic it will be in the UU, that's why they vote for the quick ban, something that the tc should do, even so the members of the tc said that it is not broken and that it deserves a suspect, despite the fact that the active community has already given their opinion about fucking that it will be this in the level, not to mention that for a suspect it lasts months and we will probably have to smoke about 3 -9 months to finally give an opinion, good thing, anyway the comment of people who have not played actively for years is worth more than those who have been actively playing the current meta.
  8. *Razor Fang, Quick Claw, Focus Band, and King's Rock will now broadcast their presence when swapped* Is it so hard was it just to remove them from pvp?
  9. hazme la imagen que te pedi mongol :todomal:
  10. Bueno, ya recibimos respuesta al tema de p2 por parte del tc, ahora, ¿no nos responderán aunque dugtrio termine quedándose o al menos se hará un sospechoso? I only see assumptions and small comments but I do not know if they will decide in the end or not
  11. The last time I read about p2 they wanted to ban him more for being a defensive uber, but is he really? Not carrying leftovers makes him even weaker to receive residual damage, hazards make him after a couple of innings be at the mercy of certain blows that he walled before, the state is another that makes him unusable, and sand too, if Well, it is something that most already know, it is not necessary to emphasize it, even in addition to that, some of those who are supposed to walk can still pivot it as it would be the yanmega u turn or the rotom volt switch that with rocks would only be eating damage, this last being able to disable it more with trick, even so, the damage done by and wall is very mediocre in certain cases, being able to configure in it (Bisharp, venomoth, swampert, spiritomb, mismagius cm, etc) Now if I want to emphasize what In my opinion this is what you should suspect about pory2, the pory2 sweeper has the same physical bulk that a calm one could have, being able to solve the issue of the little damage it receives and being able to punish some things that could previously intoxicate it or "Put up with it "Being able to weaken many sweepers and complicate team offense more, that was said once when I talked about this, besides that boosting the esp attack (which is not bad, it is actually a good base stat) is very easy to get into some walls that just don't touch it, bronz / donphan / vaporeon etc. Now that I saw that they will make a suspect, I think they should focus more on that, in any case if they have to ban it for it, do not make a suspect by banning it and + download, complex prohibitions seem garbage, if they are going to Ban some set or something of this, do it completely, I only said this because in my opinion, they are looking for the side where it is not, and I would prefer that they make the most problematic more suspect Psdt: Thanks to the TC for at least taking the trouble to suspect this issue and show importance to the players, although I am not in favor of the ban, but the fact of listening to the player base and trying to suspect show at least a little bit of interest towards your position, on the other hand remove sand trap pls.
  12. IGN: Huargensy Preferred Tiers: any Competitive accolades: I once won a raffle Contacto de discordia: Alex's #8791 Fluff: I don't expect to be able to play every week due to lack of time, but I can help with the build dah Prefered manager: I have no problems with any
  13. Team Name: Vermilion Golden Champions. Team Tag: [VGC]. Registered Players: Cristi, urquidi, YEYOxD, ZyzyD, xWhinkz, lKillua, Wickedwanga, Juanchoqui, AlfonsoC, Filantropia, MegaBladers, Liljhona Huargensy, AlphaxStriker, azzazz, AnGeLOrGuLloSo, ELMALOTE, AlejovishGB, Gasyflour, Guilleex. Team Captain: Cristi
  14. I do not want them to ban it in NU, I want them to ban it from all the tiers, so before I mentioned hera and tyra as an example, but since they are focusing on NU, take that example
  15. Nidoqueen was just an example, to deepen better I will place a NU team sample lately, I will analyze them individually and together, on the impact that dugtrio would have to eliminate x Mon Eleektross: The elimination of Nidoqueen implies being able to offer damage and even go pivoting through volts Typlo: In his time, he eliminated Gigalith which was a response to him, now a mon like houndoom that is usually played in H.O could stop his eruption spam, dugtrio eliminating it would be free eruption to whatever enters Golbat: User of u turn, using it in something that usually enters it, such as Golem and Dugtrio entering and eliminating it Escavalier: Taking advantage of the elimination of fyre tipes Now I will analyze it in a group way If they notice it, a rival typlo would give this team certain problems, dugtrio deletes it, a Nidoqueen could also give him problems with the proper set, but it is still deleted, zoroark nasty is able to sweep everything to +2, it is also deleted, Magmortar also, it would generate great damage, but it is also deleted, only mentioning the mon that usually lose vs dugtrio, but that is not only the only thing, there is another issue, The ability must not only weaken mons to 100% of hp to be functional , it still eliminates weakened mons, espeon that could also harm with the indicated hp falls with a little damage and mentioning mons apart, venusaur, vanilluxe, even escavalier, weakening of an eq with having -40 or even less than 50% of life, Maybe you will say that pursuit does the same, but no, pursuit makes you enter a mental game, if it will change or not, which can generate a bad decision of course, sand trap makes it impossible to change, there is no mental game to use it Besides, pursuit is only caught To be a sinister type, a resistant mon like escava could survive so change badly, here you can choose whether to go eq stone sucker reversal etc. To get off the topic of the team, here I show the last official that I won days ago, If you notice, drapion sweeps the entire team from me, while stunfisk cancels my braviary, I knew that it would lead to drapion, without more than anything I placed dugtrio, I eliminated drapion and stunfisk with this one and had the advantage of the duel, I had no way to break my team because drapion was out or how to stop Braviary's sweep because stunfisk was eliminated, which ended in a victory of mine, that is the advantage competitive that I mean.
  16. You do not put Dugtrio to sweep a team, he never will, you just have to get off one to support the other one behind you, the case of nidoqueen (eelektross + dugtrio) or the case of scarf dugtrio in a weak team to blaziken, in each level there will always be something that can be trapped and without x things it will make your opponent have no way to counteract your team, something like happened in smou with stall and his terror heatran / tyranitar, or skar + dugtrio to eliminate magnezone, that is an advantage that It will give you in the best cases a way to win at the best moment, obviously it does not have much to cheat on in NU I completely agree with that, but I feel that this is compensated by eliminating important things from the level, drapion like wallbreak, blaziken being a good pivot, Typlo another important mon and nidoqueen, one of the best walls in my opinion of NU, etc, with them outside would mean an advantage depending on the team that you join with dugtrio (I would only leave dugtrio because I hate typloshion in the level and it makes me a good answer haha)
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