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  1. The point is if those mechanics will be transferred to the competitive one of the later generations
  2. It is not yet known if they apply to the main games. legends arceus is a spin off and different game theme
  3. Blaziken doesn't have any form of configuration that I understand, only sword dance but it's meh, the scarf set still needs prediction to be able to carry it out well and it's easier to wall, and even wearing a scarf it lacks speed to overcome others scarf, (Gallade, venu do tie, while it is surpassed by rotom, unfezant, magmortar, etc) the choice band set barely exists, it needs the same prediction and lacks speed, and that in an offensive meta is only a problem, the scarf It shines for compensating a bit for that, speedcontrol and pivot, something that running choice band would lose, it should not be preferred over scarf unless you know that your opponent plays walling, and even then you would need a lot of prediction. Although the life orb set is viable and more complicated to deal with defensively, it is justified, after all it is a wallbreaker, in addition to the fact that speed is still a problem, the difference with the choice band is that it has priority to counteract a The issue of speed is little, in addition to the fact that it still has counts, slowking, alomomola, altaria, mantine (these last depending on the last slot used) golbat with speed to overcome it can also control it, it is not that it does not really have a form to counteract, it doesn't seem to me that it centralizes so much either, the poke is good, u turn and double stab good, it's not something that many at the level offer you, that's why I use it, but I don't see it centralized, I don't see people playing lampent (which otherwise it would be useless in the level) just to stop it, after all, slowking, altaria and other things, have a use out of count blaziken, also like any very used poke in every level, you must take something for it, that it does not mean centralization. I really would like it to go up to UU to see how much the meta changes, but banning it doesn't seem like a solution to me, if you want me to go up, use it in UU haha
  4. 300K in zKuroko 200k in Juanchoqui,lKillua,RealDevil and zMauri
  5. CaioxLive: Infernape is count 100% of cloyster Kings rock, he no flinch because have vacuum Wave Cloyster Kings rock:
  6. Sounds good, if you need any help with doing that just let me know and I can gladly lend a hand
  7. If you are not going to remove pZ at least remove dugtrio, it sucks to have to play with these 2
  8. Let's ask slowbro where he wants to stay, poor thing, they change his house every 3 months
  9. Obvious, but I had to make the example clear
  10. Not so much, usually empoleon is the answer to yanmega on offenses, but with a turn and a trio this flies, after that there is not much response, crobat cannot enter that well, and even so you have 4 free spaces to counter the following rival mons (not to mention that yanmega speed boost is good vs offense), also in any case it is dead weight vs offense, we are not obliged to always play that, Yanmega was always a powerful attacker, but at least he had to control , duggy eliminates things like gigalith / empoleon / snorlax / tentacruel, while empoleon and gigalith are rocks setters, it means that yanmega without these would have more opportunity to pivot and hit, in addition, they will have a move that brings dugtrio automatically (u pull) the same with pz But without the ability to pivot, which if it is already a threat, eliminating empo and giga is even more so, putting something broken with something that eliminates the small number of responses it has seems to me a problem.
  11. What's your opinion on the duggy pz / Yanmega combo?
  12. Mandibuzz/Umbreon/Hippowdon/Pory2/milotic/vaporeon/gligar/golbat
  13. Now that they mention about changing the mechanics of raising and lowering the tier, I think it is a good idea to lower or raise pokes depending on the average of use in the 3 months, I said it because some can raise or lower the use in the Final month as happened with ambipom, which had a use of 3/4% and in the final month it rose to 5%, and it stayed in uu like 1 year, I feel that it would be the best, I say if they have 3 months to lower the correct thing It would be to see the total use in those 3 months, for example if x mon had 3 4 and 5% in the 3 months on average it would have 4% and it would imply a decrease although in the last month it has enough use
  14. You are wrong, the physical set of blaziken is totally viable in UU, his double stab hits the entire level except for tentacruel, which is of low use, while he can pivot with u-turn which other fighting types of the level cannot, cb can function as a wall break, and in the absence of fights since scrafty is mediocre and heracross left UU it turns out not to be a bad option, not to mention that, unlike medicham this has to respond to spiritomb, I am not surprised that it goes up to UU, but I agree that it should correct the system of raising and lowering levels with the current problem of the ranks
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