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  1. It is still ridiculous, according to you we must use infer or lucario necessarily so as not to suffer from cloyster, and then you say that everyone is free to wear what they want, in short, idiocy
  2. I do not care if you changed it or if you did not play it, there is the image I do not plan to see the replay and I do not plan to follow all your duels to see if you use that or not, in the same way I can say that I use 6 walls but in reality they are mon offensive, I just gave you back what you did, use a capture of a person's game to want to win an argument, that's very mediocre. @Munya delete My message previous pls idk delete xD
  3. 1-. At no time did I mention that I would care about the percentage of victories, I already said it before, even if it is only 1 person who abuses it, that does not mean that it is a problem and that that only person is winning by the rng factor, in a launch of coins that makes the difference between losing and winning 2-. I say it again, this is a problem that affects everyone, days ago I passed a video where this item was thrown an offensive team, or is Magnezone also wall? reaching the other point, I have seen cloyster go back offensive magnezone and rotom in the same way that you mention "offensive teams" making it clearer the big problem that this item is 3-. I explained before that I play the 3 types of game variants in this, offensive, defensive, and balanced, there I put an image of my OU offensive team a couple of weeks ago, I also want to say that cloyster has not been a problem for me, or at least not that I remember, but this is not about me and my personal experience, it is about what makes this item and the user suitable for the overall goal, and the experience of other players who did not have the Same luck of not being flinched and they lost in a situation of tossing a coin to win, it is a problem that encompasses many, on the other hand you showed a team wall of mine wanting to achieve I don't know what, something very low to tell the truth, but since I see myself Obliged because you only mentioned me and took a screenshot to want to take advantage of this discussion because here I place a team of yours with cloyster that doing something that you did, I can say that "You are against the ban because you use cloyster kings rock and it is your only way to knock down pa networks and you depend only on luck " 4-. Okay, you say "Everyone is free to wear" So why should we be forced to wear infernape or lucario vacuum wave to avoid recoil? Why don't we just run a well-formed team built without these mons who don't have space in the team we made, without fear that some rng factor will win us the game by a random shudder? Do you see how contradictory you see yourself? On the other hand, we should not think about the rival, this is a competitive game, not only do we take a jolteon and say "What a shame my rival, he can carry 5 water types, it is better not to carry him". The pvp in this and in another game, will always be played to win, to demonstrate the ability of one or the other, that is why the randomness should be minimized as much as possible, and in any case, in that capture of my team 6 walls my rival asked me for the details of the equipment, he liked it and wanted to use it, I'm sorry my dear, but not everyone thinks the same as you.
  4. Friend, you are very ridiculous, according to you we must play vacuum wave users just to avoid recoil, which can still be achieved with ice shard, that is 10% does not mean that it cannot be, you directly suggest that we all play lucario fear that a mon with rng item can sweep the whole team, that is centralizing, that should be avoided, we should not be forced to play things with vacuum wave like poliwrath or croagunk until scizor just for a mon with rng effect, because they just don't have the same viability as other mons in the level, okay, I wear poliwrath vacuum wave just for cloyster, what if they just don't bring it to me? I have an unnecessary slot that I could have used better in another mon, infernape is a separate case, nasty is not such a bad idea, but, should we all be forced to play that just because of an unusual rng factor? Listen, you are wrong, you created a problem in your head and you think your answers are correct, just think better, in a good way, you became a meme in this thread
  5. So let's enable the withering moves and the evasion moves, and if only 1% of the players will not be a problem, you are a genius, here it does not matter how many people use it or not, the problem is the item and its effect, no how much they can use it, if they enabled the fulminating moves probably only a minority use it, but that minority will only be winning their duels due to its rng factor, I don't know why you still don't understand it
  6. Look, if you do not understand with words, I hope that with tests you will do it, here is a replay of a duel of later generations, in case you go out with "the walls this and that" it is a balanced team shooting offense, so you can see that this affects To all types of game, 3 counters that are supposed to weaken it only ended up being dead weight due to an indicated recoil, there the cancer of the item, luck is something that should be avoided as much as possible and that item only promotes it more https://youtube.com/watch?v=-X7mfKBfWag&feature=youtu.be
  7. I thought I would not answer you anymore, because you are ridiculous and hard-headed to understand, but since you mentioned me, because you probably ran out of meme answers, yes, I have a 6 walls team that I have not used for months because under pZ, you can check the replays if you are such a fan of me, I play offense in uu. Do you know that pZ nasty knocks down the whole team, right? I myself said in the first comments that I put in this forum that I played every style of game, from offense balanced and stall. Is there a problem? The guy from the SS sent me a message asking me for a team cake, and said he liked it and well played, he knows well that it is a form of play, you can't understand it? Why do you keep making a fool of yourself? Stop comparing an item of luck and that stopping it is not in your hands with something that if you can stop using your head and building well, luck should not be a deciding factor in a competitive game and that is what you want to do, stop crying because you feel bad and they end up wallowing you, you have a brain, use it to differentiate luck and skill in a game (Since you are a fan of mine, I put you ss of my teams that I usually use)
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