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  1. Choice scarf not is bad set, is good vs offense.
  2. If you complain about the freeze then also ask to ban p2, since it also abuses triattack, lol
  3. Team Name: Vermilion Golden Champions. Team Tag: [VGC]. Registered Players: Cristi, urquidi, YEYOxD, NoWall, ZyzyD, xWhinkz, lKillua, xVANILLEx, Juanchoqui, Thralls, AlfonsoC, Filantropia, GasaiYunoSan, MegaBladers, Hiruzenkw, MorissetteA, ninamik, AngelosRed, abstractt, sadesh. Team Captain: Cristi.
  4. It does not seem like a good idea pory z in Uu, but a good one
  5. Faith that azumarill will make changes so that it does NU stop being trash
  6. Actually, when I spoke of the walls and how useless it was, I was referring to trace, perhaps I was not misunderstood, on the other hand, Why don't we do a smogon-style UU player vote? I do not know, it would be fun or at least of those who have the ability to comment and give votes on those, lf Tc by tiers
  7. bronzong , crobat, empoleon(Knock off) jellicen and vaporeon have tóxic, in 1v1 pory trace Is lose
  8. I will give my point of view as a player Of the level currently, I play a lot balanced and at Sometimes wall in UU, I use porygon a lot too, it is the poke that I use the most in tours (because of yanmega spam), and honestly from the point of view playing balanced, I do not think it is a great threat, it can eat all possible hazards, A toxic leaves him very screwed up, the burn also hurts and that is problematic when a poke cannot be recovered with lefty every time it enters hazards, before many mons it is useless, generally on the walls, and I see that if I am not wrong the whole level The ph
  9. Juanchoqui[Vgc] vsMoonTik[Rmw] in 8Min
  10. Me[Vgc] Vs goldeenfreza [Rmw] I win.
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