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  1. If you eliminate one you eliminate both, in tournaments prizes are played and it is a problem to play with friends of the rival insulting you or saying stupid things
  2. It is very double moral to prohibit chats in rank but not in tournaments
  3. It's been a few weeks and we've only seen one opinion from JJ, where are the others? I am not the only one to whom it must seem that the level is unplayable, Lucario sweeps with the specific set to many things of the level, and even without boosting it is capable of generating problems, I see rounds being won only with a boost of this and others where they both depend on him to win. We have to wait 3 months playing a level where Lucario breaks it and we must always focus on most of the builds? Or where should we counteract one luca boost against another to see which priority is better? They were responsible for this, at least say if they already made a decision and not wait weeks on something that should have been quickban.
  4. The developers live in a fantasy world believing that a warning will solve the flinch, but hey, understandable they don't even bother to read us and even less do they know how frustrating it is to see and lose duels due to this item that does not contribute anything competitively
  5. And that's the solution they provided, it's completely the stupidest thing they could do, I still think TC could ban this item from pvp although I'm not sure about that.
  6. We have been complaining about that for months, but unfortunately we cannot blame TC for this, it is the fault of the developers who believe that placing a warning notice solves the flinch and unfair victories that this item offers
  7. It is not necessary to win UU tournaments to provide calculations, anyone can and that is not why the comment in the discussion will be denied, you are wrong if you think that it takes 20/30 tournaments to give a personal opinion
  8. I don't know, it seems like a problem to me having to take 3 mons just to stop one
  9. I do not know why to compare pZ with Lucario, pZ still suffers from Revenge kill, his typing prevents him from configuring before many things and being able to enter before others, Lucario no, his type despite his defenses the type gives him certain resistances that he can use to boost , An example is the crunch or stone edge of a krooko choice, also, the problem with pZ is that the fastest attackers pressed it too much, to the point that in some games I have always felt it like a dead weight, lucas did not , in addition to that pZ when configuring nasty you could put another faster mon and make it run away, instead Lucario can stay and in a +2 eliminate the Revenge killers, so you need to have your fastest sweepers to full life to avoid the sweep, although Crobat was mentioned as a control, it still suffers from rocks and a good predictor could make ice crobat fall with extreme and rocks, or keep it above 50%, which is difficult due to the fact that rocks UU setter push him, igu At least I would not be surprised to see lucario nasty running psychic, I have played a few games recently and watching the opponent's buildeo I have been able to configure Lucario in a Krooko pursuit and porygon discharges and sweep a common team with him.
  10. Not because the meta is forced to change does it mean that they will make it chaos, it does not even take a suspect to realize how chaotic it will be in the UU, that's why they vote for the quick ban, something that the tc should do, even so the members of the tc said that it is not broken and that it deserves a suspect, despite the fact that the active community has already given their opinion about fucking that it will be this in the level, not to mention that for a suspect it lasts months and we will probably have to smoke about 3 -9 months to finally give an opinion, good thing, anyway the comment of people who have not played actively for years is worth more than those who have been actively playing the current meta.
  11. *Razor Fang, Quick Claw, Focus Band, and King's Rock will now broadcast their presence when swapped* Is it so hard was it just to remove them from pvp?
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