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  1. If ban scope lens damages things like absol, honchkrow and drapion, they would become useless, the correct thing would be to remove sniper, because kingdra is probably the only user of it
  2. I am against banning mienfoo, it helps half control at least threats like porygon dweeble SM, onix , the best knock off user of the game, it can literally be considered a very big support for your team, it is not broken, the use of 80% is not because it is broken, it can simply fit in any team, it still has viable counters, but the arena trap makes it a problem If you do a suspect test, first fix sand trap Psdt: when hydreigon ban?
  3. It's more fun to rank talking to the other, and talk and insult him for prolonging the battle unnecessarily hahaha
  4. I agree, that thing every hit kills you a poke, the fact of having good bulk (85 on both defenses is not bad), decent speed that with tailwind (which is provided by his lifelong partner togekiss) It returns faster than the entire meta without a power-up, a good typing and a weakness that lacks area attacks (dragon) so it ends up being follow me bait, probably by the time you finish with that thing you will have already lost 2-4 mons and you will be well damaged to continue with the remaining boosters
  5. Mienfoo is something very viable, that is why its use, in my opinion, the best user of knock off and to pivot with u turn, helps to control many threats (Porygon, Onix, Dwebble, etc) I don't see it as unhealthy, the truth is, it still has many counter and check (vullaby, frillish, larvesta (if it doesn't have stone), zubat) But on the matter about it, with sand trap if it is screwed, the counters that I used to have like (Trubbish, grimer) cannot enter for fear of being trapped, I had to be a victim in a semifinal, a mienfoo got me and my trubbish couldn't do nothing for fear of being trapped by trapinch. Maybe mienfoo is not unhealthy, but the combination with trap sand is benefiting you more than normal.
  6. Me vs xmikasaackerman after Jason vs aerun
  7. Before starting with conkeldurr, talk about hydreigon, by banning garchomp hydreigon goes freer by removing the most used check it has, now assuming they ban conkel, a rk is removed that is also widely used, we would give hydreigon a goal served , conkel can be a problem, but I think hydreigon is now the biggest problem, I think they would be solved with things like HA or legendary (mew)
  8. I want to add heracross, it is the Pokémon that after a sword dance and guts activated it with stealth rock is capable of doing 1hit ko to all the walls of OU (being adamant) on the other hand it does not have such a low speed, beating things like breloom even being adamant, and if jolly is used surpass base 80 (chande, toge, drago)
  9. The majority of players vote for the ban, as for when is it done?
  10. because maybe the others began to have honor and stopped using that garbage equipment of dra, top, chomp, toise and toge haha
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