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  1. Even if they add hidden, it will take a while and they will get bored anywas and they will say again that the meta is boring, it's a natural cycle.
  2. just delete the alt's of tear
  3. I'll send it to you soon, I haven't been very active lately
  4. None of the ones you mentioned have the characteristics to go to uber if the tier existed.
  5. 200k on me, 200k axellgor, 200k enchanteur, 200k mkns
  6. This is something normal, in each tier there will always be a threat that you must cover so that your team is good, it is not something new, nor is it that something is used only to specifically stop blaziken to take it as a centralization. Blaziken does not have few answers, the fact of being locked in a play makes you need effort to predict what to throw, normally you will be throwing u-turn many times and there are things that are usually played rocky helmet, that combined with it being vulnerable to all the hazards will only make pivoting less easy. so you have to think well even when to hit and when not, here I will mention some counts withn los calculos incluidos: Quagsire: 252 Atk Blaziken Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Quagsire: 78-93 (38.6 - 46%) -- 3HKO garantizado despuĆ©s de la recuperaciĆ³n de Leftovers Altaria: 252 Atk Blaziken Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 204 Def Altaria: 42-51 (23 - 28%) -- 78.5% de probabilidad de 4HKO Alomomola: 252 Atk Blaziken Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Alomomola: 81-96 (29.7 - 35.2%) -- 4HKO garantizado despuĆ©s de la recuperaciĆ³n de Leftovers poliira: 252 Atk Blaziken Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Poliwrath: 73-87 (37 - 44.1%) -- 99.8% de probabilidad de 3HKO despuĆ©s de la recuperaciĆ³n de Leftovers I am being the most usual, I also want to mention nidoqueen bold who receives 3 hits, in addition to mantine who is only hit by thunderpunch Now, blaziken, even being a bandana, is outclassed by other things, like unfezant,rotom, etc, in addition to making a base 80 lasso like a gallade and even risking hitting, although the life orb set, like you say he can surprise and make holes defensively speaking that's the job of the wallbreak the problem with this would be if he had at least above average speed but 80 speed isn't the best in the world and ends up getting outclassed by a lot of pokemon on the level, same goes for cb blaziken, that power makes up for the lackluster speed it can have compared to other pokemon. Based on the offensive uber rating it should be a pokemon that can remove a lot of the level very easily or with no problem at all blaziken doesn't fit into this it could add more information to that uber rating but even if it does blaziken still I wouldn't find it. Maybe at some point if the level is changed too much I will have a different point of view, but for now I don't see that it is a problem that should be addressed.
  7. Add pp counter and turns of weathers
  8. Huargensy Tiers:all Fluff: I only signed up for the money, you probably want to spend your cr on someone who is going to play more seriously
  9. You need to add the mod for the shinys, apart from that great job
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