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  1. This game is online, not offline. In this game you compete with all the players. It is unfair to agree to waste so much time searching in the tall grass to assemble your Pokémon team while the neighboring player gets his team with just a few clicks via GTL. So you don't see any damage ... Thanks for your participation. ------------------------------------------------------------- Yes ... there are offers that are very good. I am not generalizing all sales of the GTL. You've written more paragraphs, but I don't want to self-quote anymore. Thanks for your participation. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Only the general administrator knows "what" the "system" was designed for. It seems to me that we did not understand each other ... In any case, imagining your beginner players (who seem very naive to you), sooner or later they will learn to buy and say "wow, there are things super accessible!". The adventure / development of the player is facilitated thanks to several Pokémon and very cheap and accessible items in early development. It does not matter how much you know how to handle an object or a Pokémon, but that they have a respectable value. So the player who decides to buy pokemon or objects, despite not having seen them in the game's history, is making it easy and forever. We are not understanding each other. Basically, the problem that all my arguments cause is the low price of many good items and acceptable Pokémon. Players themselves are demeaning the value of many items in PokeMMO and it seems to have a deep theme ... It is not an invention of mine, in fact another topic related to this was recently discussed. The price points to all players sooner or later, and I affirm that it is accessible regardless of the utility that each player knows how to give to their purchases. I know it would be better to upload photos, but there are many examples. It is enough to be guided by the names of the objects that I wrote previously. Pokémon with their IVs, Natures, etc. i will not disclose or specify. Yes, and when they learn to buy they will realize that there are not only offers, also gifts. It seems that you do not see the objectives that can be achieved with accessible offers in the GTL that I do see. My impression is that there are objects and Pokémon almost given away, whether for history or competition. And i reiterate... It does not matter how much you know how to handle an object or a Pokémon, but that they have a respectable value. It's a bit strange reading you because I'm a newbie to Pokémon games, however understanding you makes me feel very flattered. We do not understand each other ... When I say it (6x31 is not synonymous with intelligence) I mean the competitive one implicitly, not the predictable machine. But I'm not going to change the subject, that's why I write it in parentheses. ... I'm not going to take seriously that there are considerable players in PokeMMO without having known the traditional games. Yes, there must be casual players, but the number is so tiny that they don't deserve to be analyzed. Perhaps these positions are also a big problem to understand us. Again, thank you for your participation. --------------------------------------------------------- Yes, in the beginning it is not exactly the same as at the end of a player's career. It is assumed that in demand the needs vary according to each player (regardless of the boring ones who always use the same Pokémon and the same objects). I point out in other details ... I appreciate your participation. ----------------------------------------------------------------- As I will end the topic, I no longer seek answers from the players; whoever wants to comment can do so. I just wrote for administrators to read and see that GTL is very accessible in many ways. I am sure that if you do not have interesting Pokémon registered in the PokeDex, that your backpack does not know many objects and that you venture to travel to other regions to get new objects and Pokémon does not make much sense with the GTL facilitating your work. And I clarify just in case: in the GTL respect is lost in many objects, therefore in the adventure too. To debate well you have to analyze the dialogues. Believe me, debating in a forum using the translator is not very easy. ... Maybe it's not the stories that matter at PokeMMO, but the competitive tournaments. Trainers, thank you for participating.
  2. Yes, the GTL. I quote myself to answer you. My point is that GTL makes the game's adventure a lot easier before hitting the Elite 4. Above are some arguments for what I say. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- There I also point out. Even without wearing 5 medals and without registering Pokémon in the PokeDex, you don't need to waste time looking for a Pokémon Frisk (for example) because you can get it cheap in a short time in the GTL. Projecting searches in new places doesn't make much sense with GTL. I don't mean GTL takes you to fight Giovanni, but those new Pokémon are part of the story. GTL speeds you up quite a bit without having to travel to new places and fill the PokeDex like nothing. Having few medals, my feeling is not stagnant in that GTL purchases are useful, but very advantageous. You can get compelling Pokémon at fair levels. I reiterate, 6x31 is not synonymous with intelligence. All of us here are because we already know the original games. I'm not far from asking for more "barriers". But what I am raising now is an observation of mine. I want to see what the players think. Thanks for your participation.
  3. English: Hello everyone. We know that one of the great characteristics of PokeMMO is the fair difficulty in many of its features and that this also makes it special, attractive and different from many other Pokémon games. I know that many will not like my next observation. First of all, I am not suggesting anything. I have realized that the exaggerated accessibility of meeting us on the World Trade Server (yes, GTL) takes away a lot of sense and difficulty from the game's adventure. Here are some arguments. • It does not matter to advance to new routes, caves, cities, etc. to have new Pokémon, the Trade Server is there to anticipate the story. • You can buy unregistered Pokémon on the PokeDex cheaply with adventurous abilities such as Frisk, Flame Body, Pickup, etc. in no time. • There are very low prices for compelling Pokémon (6x31 does not guarantee you to win every tournament). • No matter trying so long to have your own equipment, the Trade Server will shorten the time for you. • You can get valuable items like Focus Band, Damp Rock, King's Rock, etc. that you have never seen before in history at the cost of nothing. Why search for Pokémon with 1% or 5% odds with an equipped item? If he were fully bitter with PokeMMO, there would be no shortage of more arguments. Trainers, I will save the other facilities in your analysis. I reiterate, I am not suggesting anything, much less requesting that the Commerce Server be removed. But don't you think the difficulty goes down...? The only requirement to access the Trade Server is to have 4 medals, nothing more. Rather than cover it up, I'd rather we admit it. It is better to entertain yourself than to get angry. Español:
  4. English: Hello everyone. We know that the Pokedex reports all the objects that a wild Pokémon may have equipped once captured. However, something different happened to me today. A few minutes ago I just caught a Pokémon (I won't give its ID, except if the administration allows me) with a claw fossil equipped. According to the information in the Pokedex, among the possible objects that the censored Pokémon may have in the wild, it does not report that it may carry a fossil. Is this possible or is it a mistake? If the administration needs more information, photos, etc, write to me. Thanks for your attention. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Español: Hola a todos. Sabemos que la Pokedex informa todos los objetos que pueda tener equipado un Pokémon salvaje una vez capturado. Sin embargo, hoy me sucedió algo distinto. Hace unos minutos acabo de capturar un Pokémon (no diré su identificación, excepto si me lo permite la administración) con un Fósil Garra equipado. Según la información de la Pokedex, entre los posibles objetos que pueda tener en estado salvaje el Pokémon censurado, no informa que pueda llevar algún fósil. ¿Esto es posible o es un error? Si la administración necesita más información, fotos, etc, escríbanme. Gracias por su atención.
  5. If there is something that was not understood, let me know to explain my doubts in another way. If there are no answers, will I have to handle this at my discretion? Good game everyone.
  6. Emm... what is this section? Pompadour? Sorry. Hi all. I create this topic to get help. I apologize if I made the wrong section. I have some questions related to the rules of the game and forum that I would like to clear. 1. Is it forbidden to enjoy PokeMMO in cyber café? How would the consent of the administrators be obtained? I clarify that this is not my case. Maybe i'm not interpreting it well. 2. Is it prohibited to use the RAMRush program? I use this program to free up a little memory on my computer. 3. I can't find the forum rules. So they are summarized as cited? 4. What am i supposed to write where i call it "pompadour"? Extra: is the following image a visual bug? I clarify that I took this capture two days ago. Excuse the delay. I couldn't read the nickname player distorted. https://imgur.com/a/ZbUMd1e I hope they help me clear my doubts. Thank you.
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