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  1. inb4 obligatory staff post about how this could negatively impact the story mode in one way or another. If not, then this would be a brilliant idea and I would to see this implemented. 
  2. You wouldn't be someone from mlpforums, would you? xD I know I've seen you from pokemmo.

    1. BronyxIllusion


      No, I haven't gone there. You may have me confused with someone else.

      P.S. Leafeon is my favorite eeveelution, it just looks so awesome.

    2. TheLeafeon


      Aww, its a really great forums if you want to join you'll be really welcomed ^-^

      The people there are really greatly nicer and more fun than the ones here XD But yeah if you want to join its mlpforums

  3. eeyup, umad?

    1. Bimps1002


      pls go. i am a brony, but i don't post brony shit everywhere. so pls stop.

  4. every forum needs that one annoying shitstorm brony

  5. The topic name & sig sum it up. So
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