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  1. This reminds me very, very much of the Win10 default GUI, and it's honestly not a bad thing. Looks especially nice in theory if your computer is already running the default Windows theme + colors with dark mode on window borders. And to be frank, if that was the aesthetic you were chasing, all you'd have to do is rotate back to sharp rectangular buttons/text boxes and suddenly it becomes completely seamless.
  2. Since I suppose this is more of a little thing, Master volume settings on top of the main three. Makes it easier for multi-tasking without having to use external settings to mute the app entirely or watch the video on a separate device.
  3. I decompressed the mod to see what all the working parts were here and it looks like some of the backgrounds just...don't work? Like the 'pokedex-window.png' file from the /res subfolder isn't called, or doesn't seem to be in the screenshots up on the front page? It's...bizarre and while I'd really love to jump right in and get using it, the abrupt white spaces are visually jarring and (at least in my opinion) makes it harder to look at.
  4. It's neat, but my only issue is, in some places (namely the Pokémon summary screen), it's so dark that you can hardly see the inactive tab icons.
  5. I second this! Or...I guess it's third now, lol. We could also use Black/White 2's medal systems for part of the achievement system, among other things. Granted, some of the prerequisites might have to change and some medals may have to be added to accommodate for all of the regions involved, but it'd certainly be nice to have! It would also make life easier for people who run forum shops; they could advertise their shop in their personal message or something like that.
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