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  1. @DesuHow can I volunteer for that?
  2. I've been wanting to enter a guild since I started this game. The only two ways I've found for this are chat recruitment and discord server recruitment channel. Chat recruitment never seemed like an option, since it's like a spam war when I'm not choosing, I'm being chosen. I'm merciless to the ocean of marketing. And sincerely, most recruitment announces are mostly the same (we have events, we are friendly, etc, etc); you cannot tell most teams apart. Discord server adds with the removal of the word limit greater differentiation of teams. But still most announces looks very much the same. Tagwords like "family", "pvp focused", etc. help a lot in the decision, but still they aren't that actively and uniformly used. I think it could be a lot more useful to have in the forum a list of all existing guilds, with detailed information, comprising: -Status: Recruiting / Not Recruiting -Tagwords: -Top members list, with their elo, number of shinies, number of unique items and other show-off info (so you can search for them in the tournaments and watch their replays. They're like the officials of the army you're entering, one would love to enter the team of the people you admire) (also this list could motivate the members to improvement) -Team members's average elo, number of shinies, number of unique items and other show-off info (besides of elo, I'm doubting on the rest) -Ranking (in each event) -Commentary section (members and perhaps non members could leave commentaries evaluating the team (it will avoid entering a slaver team)) And other info like this.
  3. Sorry. Read this. Particularly the last point:
  4. It's a topic soo picky that most devs would want my head, but recently I've been thinking: in Pokemon world is there only one country? I read in some fandom that unova was pretty far away from the previous regions, like giving an idea of another country (the routes too don't match). It was also the first to separate from the Japanese region base. And there are a lot of new regions after that. I haven't read about them, neither watched Pokemon anime, so I don't know the distances but it's logical to think of them as international's. Yep, that was my utterly non relevant topic. I will now proceed to hide.
  5. Try this: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/106742-testers-needed-money-guide-community-pickup-guide-2nd-edition/
  6. I agree about the download but i think fast forward is EXTREMELY needed. In normal NPC battles fast forward, fast animations and such are extremely useful. I have heard recommendations about this. And it's not only because of ev training. Sometimes animations tire. If one is capable of losing patience with your own battles, what would be left to strangers's. Some take several minutes, and everyone would like to be efficient with time, since there are so much pressing things in mmo (shinies, breeding, team composition, adapting to the updates, etc.), not to say in real life. Sorry for the bad English.
  7. I like your suggestion about the stats. If you haven't, you should try putting it on the suggestions section. It would be so much useful to hover over and see Speed +2 187 than just +2.
  8. Mountain climber, ranger, rich kid, artist... There are a lot of different types of npc trainers, and each of them comes with a specific theme. Some of them are real masterpieces. I've found myself waiting some valuable time just to be able to listen to anything more than the beginning, before diving into the same repetitive battle song. I think that it would be great to add an option that permits to listen to the specific NPC Trainer song and not the general battle song during the battle. Sorry for the bad English. Thanks for reading.
  9. I read in the FAQ section where I should report the bugs, but in the linked Bug Report Section I couldn't start a topic or reply, because the subforum Unresolved was empty and there were only topics in Resolved so I didn't know what to do. I have a serious problem with sweet scent. Since I've had other bugs before I tried touching the menu buttons and returning, closing session and reloging; methods that were useful in past bugs. Since none succeeded, I closed the game and reopened it in several hours, but still the same. When I use sweet scent, it displays the following message: I've used it before and succeeded. What happened was the usual blue stripe with Pokemon sprite animation, accompanied by the Pokemon cry.
  10. Of course, ante-evolution base stats and low evs would remain the same so... it could be more fun for the novices while still being fair for the experienced breeders. I have 4 badges by now and I almost haven't fighted with other people. It feels like playing the emulator rom with only dozens of player sprites as decoration. It could really improve the mmo feeling.
  11. I was searching for Unova's route 1 watchog horde, but even using sweet scent in EVERY grass zone they didn't come out, only single patrats. Maybe they have a condition? It's around 19:20 in Game Hour. And it's not winter.
  12. @Bestfriends, I've been sweet scenting with a pickup teddiursa on route 4 of unova, battling the 3x darumaka. What I do is calling them and them switching the teddiursa so that I can item farm as well as ev train my dewott. But so far (3 hordes) I've found no item. Is it because you have to WIN the battle or DEFEAT an enemy with the teddiursa to obtain it's object?
  13. caml

    Item Farming

    Thanks. I'll try doing so.
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