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  1. this hurts my eyes in more ways than one
  2. Gengar with nasty plot destroys chansey. It can also set up on some blissey if they're not running a coverage move. Most common gengar set is shadow ball/focus blast/substitute/nasty plot with black sludge
  3. Offensive starmie would be something like surf/psyshock/ice beam/rapid spin, recover or another coverage move. For bulky starmie you could use scald/psychic/recover/rapid spin. Depends on whether you want a more offensive or defensive team. Now that you mention it, your team does have a bit of a volcarona weakness. Honestly, that thing can be pretty hard to answer once it sets up if you don't use one of the blob sisters, but good answers to it otherwise are the flying dragons i.e. salamence/dragonite/gyarados. They are weak to stealth rock but none of your team is right now so I don't think it would be too big of a deal.
  4. Does your gliscor have defog? If you're worried about rocks that could help. Maybe starmie is another option, either the bulky or life orb set. Good check to fighting-types, though it's not a super reliable switch in. It can also spin. Another option i can think of is jellicent, which also gives you a water immunity. I feel like you need something against water-type moves, as right now you only have ferrothorn for them
  5. Maybe a water type. If you want another fighting resist you could use gyara
  6. Thanks for the ev, good luck on your exams
  7. would you do ev training for only 1 stat? how much if so
  8. Agree that cloyster/blastoise is a much better choice as a shell smash user, I doubt Gorebyss is really OU viable tbh, but if you still want to use him you can try. Honchkrow though is tricky to use because of his frailty and bad speed tier but still is certainly usable as a wallbreaker, I don't think it's necessary to change him for Mandibuzz especially if your team is more offensively-oriented, though there are admittedly "superior" choices. Ferrothorn is a great pokemon that fits on any team, though a more specially defensive EV spread w/ leftovers is better IMO because of the overabundance of fighting-type moves, as well as the fact that most of the moves it tanks are special. Cofagrigus is a fine choice as a physical wall, though I don't think he should have nasty plot, that's more for the trick room set which doesn't really fit on your team. Maybe gliscor could work better here, it offers an electric immunity, a fighting resist and defog, access to taunt also helps your matchup against more defensive teams. Of course there's still a weakness to hydreigon that needs to be patched over. There's quite a few options here. I've had a lot of luck with max sp. def rotom-wash which can actually tank draco meteors quite well, has access to recovery with pain split and is just an extremely good pokemon in general. It also has defog if you decide against gliscor, or use a different move on it instead. Other possible defensive checks include tyranitar, tentacruel, milotic, gastrodon, and togekiss. Of course there's always the blob sisters (blissey/chansey) as well but they're rather dull. Alternatively, you could try to check it offensively. Not a ton of options if you're trying to outspeed most common Hydreigon set which is choice scarf but there's conkeldurr (mach punch), scarf infernape, dragon dance salamence, your own scarf hydreigon, maybe even something like scarf mienshao. As for dedicated special attackers, it would probably be best to include at least one--it's up to you what you would replace. Hope this helps
  9. I've made threads before advocating for buffed outrage, however I think they should buff it to 100 BP to start, which I believe is enough to make it viable without completely breaking the metagame. Right now threats like dragonite and haxorus are almost entirely outclassed IMO.
  10. How much to evolve a deino to lv.64 hydreigon
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