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  1. They changed the BGM of the login interface, does this signify anything?
  2. I think they will make legendaries available when they release Dungeon(s). But no idea about what they will do with these legendaries. It could be catchable and you can have it or it could also be like the current legendaries.
  3. This will be great as well
  4. 想问一下复活草除了记号森林和天堂塔外还有其他地方捡吗?或许送火山和骨灵塔也有(?)
  5. 合众六号路有几率能捡到重复球
  6. Amulet coin is now 24k LOL, they are really fast.
  7. Frisk no longer shows which opponent is holding an item in Hordes. T_T
  8. Even though we can check the egg groups in GTL, it's not as convenient as in the Pokedex. It takes time to look through GTL as there are repeated same kinds of pokemon listing, and searching through web then go back to game to find their location is messy as well. Egg group filter in Pokedex provides an easy and accurate way for players to know what and where are the pokemons they need to catch to breed. The egg group filter can be the same as the tier filter in current Pokedex or the egg group filter in GTL.
  9. 大佬,请问对战塔给雪妖女或者其他强度较低的刷缎带该怎么打比较好。多次打过了第七轮但第八轮只要遇到火且速度快的基本必翻车。
  10. 最后七层打不过的话是不是就拿不到缎章了..
  11. 成功奖章:在丰源的战斗塔获得50级组比赛中达到56连胜时获得该奖章 胜利奖章:在丰源的战斗塔获得100级组比赛中达到56连胜时获得该奖章。 这两个是只有上场打得精灵才能获得的吗?
  12. You can trade Rotom with somone else to register them in the pokédex, Cherrim gets back to normal form after battle so you can't register.
  13. Shiny hunt, PVP, official events, chatting.
  14. http://support.pokemmo.eu 好像需要用英文填写 Please fill the form.
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