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  1. 神奥湿原去滨海那边路上有个双打餐厅 应该是这个吧
  2. 跑了20组...恭喜!
  3. Mint2B

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    An option that can turn off the login notifications of guild members
  4. I got extremely unlucky with the item drop... I got only one PP for 12 waves and couldn't continue because of lack of pp
  5. LOL, it could also be a red/shiny Dragon(Loong)/Gyarado. That will be an awsome vanity for Lunar New York.
  6. Item Slot:BicycleImage of Item:Riding a Panda Bicycle Image source: M3guo (https://www.m3guo.com/news/bulletin/1335428616.html)
  7. Item Slot:GlovesImage of Item: Holding a flag with pixel pokemon face or anything else like this Item Slot:GlovesImage of Item: Holding fishing rod or bamboo on shoulder like this
  8. 小心下次更新沙湖门票50000 PS. 暗改+1, 草没日光束了 暗改+2, 盒子多了(?)或者换了位置 改, 草攻+40血
  9. 哈哈哈 官方也是为你们的肝着想..以及减少潜在的脚本自动化刷钱。
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