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  1. imagine calc with choice band but he not show it. only 1 example with calcs of him.
  2. same than stelian use with me "use psyquic spiritomb, ez counter"
  3. I don't think there is a perfect team as such for all regions, there is a main base that you can use, but remember that not all regions repeat types of pokemon, so you will always have to change something. I previously farmed e4, and changed 2 - 3 pokemons for each region I played.
  4. u need report a player here : https://support.pokemmo.eu/
  5. quick and easy for contact him. i repeat soon.
  6. en pc : en la pantalla principal donde logeas, a la derecha aparece "reparar cliente". en telefono : desinstalar la app y instalala de nuevo. on pc: on the main screen where you log in, on the right appears "repair client". by phone: uninstall the app and install it again.
  7. He answered jokingly but it's okay, I'll speak more seriously. The only problem in my opinion is to "edit" the tier, if we all know that mienfoo is banned right now, if so and many want it back, it is to return it, just like some wanted to talk about banning porygon. things like that are more complicated to talk about.
  8. It is the main counter of manectric, is what I mean, and it became very used in this month, about 16%
  9. without nidoqueen, manectric can give many nu teams a lot of trouble. now with dugtrio if u trapp nidoqueen, manectric can play good too.
  10. @Munya why changes just updated when have a NU tournament today and tomorrow?
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