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  1. this is a setting in the menu that you can change to your liking, it is not related to the theme.
  2. because people don't read, like I said, they didn't even notice that there is a movement update coming soon.
  3. ppl forgot the update for moves 8a gen and not read for futures update i think.
  4. xMago


    u want to make any offer?
  5. Team name : NoHands Mago when? Player UU : zLumiere Player NU : zMago
  6. the event was in game ch4!, the event is finish đŸ™‚
  7. en cualquier guarderia, solo habla con los npcs que andan dentro de la guarderia. in any daycare, just talk to the npcs that are inside the daycare.
  8. I'm going to give my opinion in view of the last messages received in this post. Honestly, for my taste, this theme is complicated for the community to like it as it is, seeing images that show the theme, it's not to my taste even though I've been a GTA player for many years. It's an idea that for me, like for many maybe it doesn't fit that there is a GTA theme in a pokemon game, but like other anime as they did their themed version before, for other people they don't like it either, but for other people they like it. Despite this, buda has always done a great job for the community with his themes, or editing many old themes to bring them back and make them usable, so he doesn't deserve any hate for making a theme that some people in the community don't like, so constructive comments, yes it's good to always be able to receive, but hateful comments, suck it up.
  9. i dont know how change that, u can create a rar with this changes?
  10. is an old team that I used to use a long time ago, in its time it was very good, now it is possible that the trick room is much more effective than this team.
  11. The problem normally is tyranitar, [email protected], or regirock maybe, bc for they u should use focus blast. Water teams are a bit problem too but depend what mons they appear
  12. close to 5x31, my longest streak with that team was +200 wins playing it well with another account that was lost to the top, I stopped playing that mode a long time ago.
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