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  1. why don't they ban arena trap and raise dugtrio's base attack to 100? is the most logical thing I can think of to make it a less complicated meta to play, and more realistic to the original game.
  2. Group A ───────── Cuba [0] vs [0] Rest of Asia OU1: ElKimikop vs Spxter UU1: Teseliaxd vs SweeTforU UU2: Pepodinas vs xMikasaAckerman NU2: criptoDAVID vs HeroGarou DB: Lactosoid vs Kamowanthere ───────── Argentina [0] vs [0] Africa OU1: Fabrooo vs Kiwikidd OU2: branYT vs Lunarck UU1: IWiriketchup vs Jgaw NU1: Sejuani vs Tawla NU2: Facursa vs Kanicula ───────── Group B ───────── Philippines AdoBoiz [0] vs [0] West Europe OU1: TooEzForMe vs ZozoMgl OU2: xNecrolyte vs Endiii UU2: amoncute vs Stelian ───────── Brazil [0] vs [0] Venezuela Criolla OU1: Elvessss vs Bund UU1: Polarizedd vs Tvanne NU1: Deadwind vs ByronerAJNG DB: Jhowteon vs BlackAlaniz LC: Biqueta vs eljeancha ───────── Venezuela Arepera [0] vs [0] USA NU1: tMoi vs Jossuecr DB: Gabuchox vs Imabetheverybest LC: Paramore vs xSparkie ───────── Group C ───────── Madagascar [0] vs [0] Mexico OU1: LivaT vs Sicklonerr DB: RSHOGUN vs Akarukokuyo ───────── Portugal [0] vs [0] Germany UU2: LifeStyle vs Pottina NU1: xJoseee vs xAnzar ───────── Peru [0] vs [0] Chile OU2: zAnderson vs Starkles UU1: Huargensy vs SnowOt ───────── Group D ───────── China [0] vs [0] Philippines SiniGang UU1: heichicoda vs QueenDinz NU1: xbingo vs GhostWalk NU2: sgerard vs BossJakePH LC: Queest vs zchOn ───────── Rest of Latam [0] vs [0] Spain OU1: Juanchoqui vs RealDevilLegend OU2: Waaynee vs JorgeFirebolt UU2: Inuyashal vs Pablobacas NU1: Cristi vs JasonSparrowX DB: Santiii vs smbee 200k each | void if sub etc etc
  3. In-Game Name: zMago Country/Region : Spain Preferred Tiers (No Showdown/Bold main tier): OU UU NU LC Personal Note (optional): i love pasta Discord Tag (optional): Mago#8982
  4. Team Tag: HDLM Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Registered Players: RealDevilLegend, NagaHex, Uriincrdbl, JasonSparrowX, zMago, AkaruKokuyo, DarkNightZz, Evilhaxblue, zenenn, DarkQuiler, AaronRC, Corazones, Inuyashal, lLuxiel, Jorgefirebolt, filmakeralvaro, smbee, Yaritan, Gondraa, Azzazz Team Captain: NagaHex
  5. Thank u very much for the donation from forfiter and Monkey. I like to see these duels and enjoy them like everyone else. Congrats for VVVV!
  6. Starting a player when he has not played for a long time in the game, nor in the tournament and having him play in the final only, does not seem normal.
  7. LF Kanicula Tawla Jawaax for play this final.
  8. i have a problem with a video now, i cant upload :kekw: jk
  9. Mago vs Souu in 20min aprox
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