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  1. Snivy lostlorn forest lvl20 (grass)(rare) Oshawott route 6 lvl 25 (water) (rare) Tepig twist mountain lvl 25 (cave)(very rare)
  2. I got 99x2 plain spicy seeds looking for 99x 2 plain sweet seeds
  3. hello i have a problem like for every move i use it is counting as +2
  4. Hello, if your are looking to catch some specific egg group there is the guide. Guide Tavern> Guide Tavern Index> Breeding Guide> List of easy catch ( the last one).
  5. Mandarin, big nugget,dive ball rest almost same as others
  6. I do like this plant and water at 9pm, then go to sleep, again water them around 5 to 6 am it will indicate too dry at the time and harvest around at 1pm(lunch time) the yeild is around 4 to 6 Btw thank you all for your hard work for this amazing guide
  7. My garchomp wants to use struggle :')
  8. Hello , I want to know if it is possible to add an ingame language translator in the coming time? Yes many of us might be like "just use the google translate". But the thing is it has android version too so it is quite impossible to use the Gtranslator (apologies if it is possible and i would like to know please). Languages like spanish, portuguese, french,tagalog and many more can be copied as it is same as eng letters but chinese language being the most prominent and influencing in trade its really hard to understand. So I want to suggest/ask if there will be an ingam
  9. Ok thanks I was searching for dittos it was really expensive
  10. Well thanks so is it posibble to get a 5x 31 ditto? aren't they expensive ? Or do the people usually compensate with 30 ivs' ? Thanks ^^
  11. Hello greetings :) I got little idea about how to breed thanks to the guides here. But now I wanted to breed a hitmontop and have no idea on how to do it . Do they only breed with dittos? Or are there any other way? Thanks ^^
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