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  1. I thought it be a cool topic for everyone to share there custom signatures, so I hope everyone can give a short comment of what gave them the idea for their signatures design and what about it they like. My signature I made myself, I had to learn how to use Photoshop and create a GIF to make it. I got some images from online and got onto Photoshop and started to change features of the trainer, I changed his hair colour to match my own RED HAIR and I added my own favourite Pokemon. I also enjoy winter, something about snow and ice seems so calm to me, so I created a video from a winter scenery and the logo I created on Photoshop and then turned them into a GIF. So that's a comment about my signature, I hope to hear about yours.
  2. IceZexle


    Good idea with showing location of friends and a character level, me and a friend had a similar idea
  3. I have made a post on the link you given me yesterday, I'm just wanted to ask if there has been anyone to follow up on my issue and help me resolve it?
  4. I'm having issues trying to sign into my old account SubjectLeviathan I tried changing the password, however I think the account was made with an email I have forgotten. Is there any help I can get with accessing the account or someone able to see what gmail I used to created the PokeMMO account. Thanks, - Levi
  5. Drifloon event Every Friday one Drifloon will appear in the middle of the Valley Windworks. It will only appear after Team Galactic has been vanquished, at level level 15 Platinum If it is not battled and captured or fainted by the end of Friday, it will disappear until the following week.
  6. I'm looking for a mod that changes the appearance of the User Interface. Is there anything that changes the style of the Chat Box.
  7. No it downloaded as a MOD file, if you follow the steps within the link I sent you, you'll have the mod installed within minutes
  8. I followed the steps and it works for me
  9. I found a link that tells you what to do and it gives you the download link, the files that download do appear to look like a movie format, but when installed into PokeMMO they register as a mod. Make sure you click to enable them.
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