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  1. And what "actual content" are we talking here? Legendary mons? I'm quitting PokeMMO for good as soon as they're made available(regardless of the 600+ hours I spent on the game), or banning Gengar to Ubers(I'm gonna hate it if they don't do that, but I'll just have to keep quitting at team preview if I see it on the opponent's team)? Black City will never be implemented, I heard the mods say such in the Global chat, and there's nothing else in the main games that can be implemented.
  2. 1)Because for those of us who play on phone, we can't have YouTube and the app running simulatenously 2)I already told you(and everyone else on here) that I don't wanna hear the spotify/youtube/soundcloud/whatever the fuck music platform in the background argument
  3. I really wish there was, man. A mod to at least change the soundtrack any of the other region battle themes would be nice. I don't have anything against the Unova theme(hell, it was my favourite battle theme once), but going through hours upon hours of battling listening to the same theme over and over again makes me feel almost sick.
  4. Previously I wrote a post requesting the implementation of a feature that allows us to choose what track plays during PvP battles(the ones that take place via matchmaking, I mean). Since PokeMMO uses assets from the roms that we procure from it, that means it also has access to all the sound files available in the games themselves. The same Unova trainer battle track every two minutes(give or take) gets repetitive and very annoying, and the fact that there are so many amazing songs in the games(Blue's theme from FireRed, Archie/Maxie's themes from Emerald, Cyrus' theme from Platinum and Alder's theme from Black/White, just to name a few) makes the long term fans of the original games like myself want to hear them while playing the game. And for those of you typing right now saying bullshit like "oH i dOn't CaRe abOUt tHE mUsIC, I jUst wANNa iMProVe mY rANk On pvP" or "i jUsT lIsTeN to MuSIc oN spOtiFY", nobody cares. You never grew up playing these games on the consoles they were released in and you sure as hell don't have any say in this matter. The music in the game means a lot to long time fans who used to play on the gameboy advance after bedtime with the $2 nightlight attachment, listening to all the 16-bit soundtracks that came with it. You wanna spread snarky comments and negativity, do it somewhere else.
  5. too much effort, man. The price would be the same as just buying random beldum from the gts for breeding purposes
  6. So, I've been wanting to breed a metagross of my own for a while now, but using the spore+false swipe technique on wild Beldum is has no rate of success as the Beldum wake up rather frequently and knock themselves out with take down recoil. Some people suggested using conversion to turn smeargle into a ghost type, but that strategy on its own requires too much effort to enact and since the moves spore, false swipe and soak(to make grass types affected by spore and ghosts affected by false swipe) are mandatory, I can't fit the two moves needed to catch beldum. What are the other best ways to catch wild beldum for breeding purposes?
  7. How does the blocked player mechanic work in the game? I always see the players on my blocklist on the overworld as well as getting matched up against them on PvP. Is it a bug or does blocking simply block messages in chat?
  8. I see. Thank you for the advice, I'll be sure to do so from now on.
  9. Said tryhards just have to ruin the game for guys who wanna play mons
  10. Grass knot for coverage, flamethrower for STAB. I don't know if Blaziken learns Aura sphere, but if it does, you can get the TM for it at any mart.
  11. Bro, then call it unrated ffs. Casual means that casual players, guys who don't care about tiers and pokemon viability that just want to get on and have some fun can play without having to face the same two guys spamming the same team consisting of the same six mons that you see at the top of the tier usage chart. The fact that I face the same teams on both modes simply means that I can find battles on ranked and get battle points and other rewards on the off chance that I do score a win or two, making the casual option completely worthless.
  12. I swear to God, Casual PvP's the most pointless addition brought by the changes during the new update. The name says casual but you still have tryhard scrubs spamming rain, stall and other nonsense. If y'all wanna win so bad, go play ranked ffs. And the fact that opponent's don't scale to your rating during ranked also makes shit worse. The fact that I get matched up against elite level trainers while being an ace is no short of unfair.
  13. What moveset on skarmory can be used to counter conk?
  14. Can anyone recommend me a mon that checks/counters Conkeldurr(preferably a hard counter, i.e something that can switch into its moves and proceed to OHKO/2HKO it) and can double as a scarfer/hazard setter/defoger?
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