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  1. Cirob


    ALSO - We need a screen that show all pokemon status Name, LV, Sex, Nature, Iv's and Ev's. It's sux have to take 3 screens of each pokemon.
  2. Cirob


    Hello there ! pretty new here, I have to say that i'm loving play this games with my wife and friends i'ts a game that I always dream about. That said let's talk about some improvements. - A tab to show where friends and guild members are and the character level. - Allow to join multiple guilds, there are severous diferents guilds like RP, Trade, Endgame, etc... - A quick button to Friends, nearby players and Guild hall. - Guild house and guild bank - Allow players to edit game interface like Addons on The Elder Scrolls online and WoW. - Quick botton to tro
  3. Hello there, I'm pretty new to the game and I'm loving it, but also I see some things that I think could be better. - A simple map, that shows the roads and where your friends are. - Shotcurt to acess pokeballs while in battle. - A modern cursor to move the character. That is it.
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