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  1. Fuark brah, I vouch for this. 10/10 would leave my fiancee for misc brahs. Embrace the bulk, we're all gonna make it
  2. Time to dial up Amanu and get back to work
  3. The answer is yes if you have a prizepool of at least 100m. The answer is no if you have anything less than that. I've tried setting up more individual tournaments but most won't care unless big cash. Gl!
  4. I think you should even consider if usage is still the best way to go about defining the lower tiers. The strength of usage based tiering is that you have so much objective data to form tiers with, that it gets difficult to argue for more subjective approaches. Now though, we don't have the benefit of plenty of data anymore. Making it easier for stats to get skewed in the lower tiers. IMO TC should look at other options to form the lower tiers.
  5. Gym rematches are the most consistent way to make money in this game and it pays around 250k an hour, which you have to be active in. Now let me be VERY generous and say you consistently bring in another 100k an hour while flipping items on GTL during gym rematches. You make 350k an hour. To have made 8.4 mil in 3 days you would have to spend 24 hours playing this game doing nothing else but gym rematching and flipping. With 8.4m you can make around 3 good IVd teams. Nice, except your team probably needs tweaking after a few runs of testing and then some more tweaking, and some more tweaking. Now you need to balance out gym reruns while also grinding ladder for BP to you can breed cost effectively. Dude, I have like max 8 hours a week to play this game. Not everyone is in high school.
  6. There will never be enough rewards because it just takes too much time to make comps for different tiers. Its a fundamental problem in game design, balancing and philosophy, which cannot be solved by upping rewards here and there.
  7. Madara's post was clean and polite. So you can just add 'don't say stuff we don't want you to say'.
  8. So this guy did a bunch of my mons but then he didn't pay me back the 100 yen i had to spend to send him like 30k for 6 mons Absolutely outrageous, ive been scammed
  9. Maybe read the past two discussion threads and the talk about p2 like half a year ago in uu viability discord. Its all still valid, nothing has changed..
  10. I don't think the argument is about p2 not having any answers. But that all of its answers are mostly defensive and that it stiffles creativity for offense. Modest duck is something that just breaks through offense, which is forced to run rigid structures to deal with it. As far as I understand it, that is the basis of the requested suspect test. 'You can outdefense a defensive mon' isn't really surprising.
  11. You'd have a fun time playing BW or ORAS, those are plenty of defensive checks for a mon with 4x SR weakness x) Some checks not having recovery means you have to play smarter around the threat your opponent has, not mindlessly go to P2 on anything that can attack on special and has no fighting coverage. Having 100% safe answers to everything isn't really what a healthy metagame should strive for, that just creates stagnation.
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