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  1. Basically. For 5 turns its not that hard.
  2. But the amount of turns do matter because the more turns, the more RNG can happen that can be very tedious (to say the least) to replay. I myself think 5 turns is a good number but with an additional rule. 'Any RNG that happens during the game will only be replayed if the chance of it happening is 30% or higher.' This way we dont have to replay random, crits, freezes but can still give weight to moves like Rock Slide and Discharge. Anyway thats my idea on it. Too late for this circumstance though.
  3. We have already gathered 1.3m for tournaments! Thanks for keeping the requests coming. I'm going to charge more for leveling soon, because that's the part that takes me the longest and because I won't use any of the income personally anyway. That's all for now, bumperoo.
  4. Another thing for teams to circlejerk over, yay
  5. Overtoasted subs in for Dylanwoodz for the Nincadas with Attitude @[email protected]
  6. Time for you to get out of those musky legendary dungeons and get some air.
  7. Let's start with the unpleasant stuff. Yellow cards have been handed to Schuchty, Spxter, Cogeid and MamaWally for missing the deadline of week 4, because they scheduled their matches after the deadline. If you have any questions about the deadline please ask, just don't leave it till the last day. Theworstt has gotten a yellow card for not showing up for their match. The following players have accepted a contract renewal: From the Villains: Rendi for a raise of 50k (800k new salary) Mendeez for a raise of 50k (150k new salary) Baneadito for a raise of 50k (550k new salary) From the Empoleons: MamaWally for a raise of 50k (100k new salary) Superman for a raise of 50k (200k new salary) Cristi for a raise of 50k (250k new salary) Brianattackpro for a raise of 50k (350k new salary) MadaraSixSix for a raise of 50k (950k new salary) YeyoXD for a raise of 100k (1.2m new salary) Getovaherez for a raise of 100k (1.2m new salary) Schuchty for a raise of 50k (150k new salary) Badbaarsito for a raise of 50k (100k new salary) Warwitox for a raise of 50k (150k new salary) Eastsideboy for a raise of 50k (100k new salary) All these changes are now reflected in the Team Rankings & Statistics page, where you can also find a log of these changes in the 'mid season budget' tab.
  8. All the matches of Week 4 are now in. These are the current rankings: Our #1 and #2 are left unshaken, as the Empoleons are widening the gap between them and the #3 spot and keeping close to the Rotoms. Blazikens are closing in on the Empoleons so this can be a very important week for them, a 5-3 win for the Blazikens will get them to the #2 spot. The Villains have to bring their A game from now on if they want a guaranteed playoffs spot. For everyone below the Villains it'll be incredibly hard, if not impossible to get into the top 2. But they have to stay focused as one loss could mean they are out of contention for the playoffs. The Nincadas and Devils have an amazing opportunity here to weaken the #5 and #6 spots to get them into the playoffs. So things are far from over, but this is probably the most important week to win for Nincadas and Devils.
  9. Purpleturkleton will be subbed by Haazuu for the Blazikens. @[email protected]
  10. Mamawally vs Cogeid gets extended for 24h after the deadline. So many yellow cards this week
  11. Schuchty vs Spxter has been given an extension of 24h from the deadline.
  12. Managers wanted threads out earlier so their players could have a longer prep time. #shrugs
  13. Kaarnaa will sub in for Theworstt for the Lunatones. Kaarnaa and Cristi, please contact each other immediately.
  14. The focus energy set is probably more problematic than NP and thats isnt banworthy either.
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