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  1. Madara's post was clean and polite. So you can just add 'don't say stuff we don't want you to say'.
  2. Maybe read the past two discussion threads and the talk about p2 like half a year ago in uu viability discord. Its all still valid, nothing has changed..
  3. I don't think the argument is about p2 not having any answers. But that all of its answers are mostly defensive and that it stiffles creativity for offense. Modest duck is something that just breaks through offense, which is forced to run rigid structures to deal with it. As far as I understand it, that is the basis of the requested suspect test. 'You can outdefense a defensive mon' isn't really surprising.
  4. You'd have a fun time playing BW or ORAS, those are plenty of defensive checks for a mon with 4x SR weakness x) Some checks not having recovery means you have to play smarter around the threat your opponent has, not mindlessly go to P2 on anything that can attack on special and has no fighting coverage. Having 100% safe answers to everything isn't really what a healthy metagame should strive for, that just creates stagnation.
  5. Why aren't we getting a suspect test for Dug in NU? My biggest issue with Dug in NU compared to other tiers is that it is a very viable Pokemon. Youre, not sacrificing much by having it in your team, hell it makes most teams better by being in it. This to me is alarming when what makes this mon so good is its ability to take away control from the opponent. And again in OU and UU dug is often just not that good, it's not a Pokemon you see influencing many games, that to me is the big difference (although I still think AT needs to be banned in all tiers).
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