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  1. Why do you think there is a mod for encounter counting? There is no counter ingame that is visible to the player.
  2. Proud of you guys. Week 1 finished without a hassle! I hope I can spot more games next week as my schedule should clear up a bit C: The standings as of now: Singles: Doubles:
  3. Welcome to week 2 of the PBS Series!! This thread is for both the Doubles and Singles Series matches. Please read the rules carefully, especially for scheduling. Singles Series: Team Wrath vs Team MendeeZ Vermilion Villains vs Super Shell Smash Bros. Wombo Combo vs Team Arte Team Enchanteur vs Yuno & Yuki Pacos Fighter vs High Five Woopers SlhAx vs Team Geschmacksverkalkung
  4. Team Wrath has traded Froslass for Electrode from the Super Shell Smash Bros. They will be able to use the traded mons in Week 2 and onwards.
  5. Let's build some hype here with predictions! I'm very interested in Quinn vs Stelian cause I think they both had one of the stronger draft and I can see both teams in the semis. That said I think Stelian has a few more ways to break through Quinn's team. Looking at the teams again I also think MendeeZ has a very solid looking stall roster and if you don't have the right mons you're not breaking through it lol. On the doubles side, Zigh vs Julian is going to be very interesting I think. Two amazing drafts and pretty balanced overall.
  6. Implementing Johto without any new endgame content would be a very big mistake. The only reason devs are even doing it is for completion sake. But it would be an extremely boring and meaningless edition overall because we can already catch everything. So people are going to be finished in 10 or less hours with the region and guess what they are going to do? Go on forums and complain about the lack of content. No I think Johto is very low priority and if it gets implemented it has to be with or after a big endgame content update.
  7. I believe the changes will come. They just take time. The developers have actually become decent in what they do, but the changes and content that this game needs right now will take a long time. So you just have to be patient, join a fun team. Do showdown events, catching events. That's strength of this game is that it brings people that love Pokemon together, not really much of anything else right now.
  8. Put Power Whip on Gyarados instead of eq and it will sweep a lot easier. You have magnezone to get rid of walls that gyarados struggles with. Put leftovers on ferro, it doesnt need rocky helmet and it needs recovery. Get rid of sludge bomb on gengar, it doesnt do anything. Use substitute or protect in stead. You can probably use a physical wall like max defense reuniclus and another sweeper that benefits from the removal of skarm/ferrothorn. Like SD Scizor or Scarf ttar.
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