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  1. Because forums is ded. But that's a post for another time. This is what I gathered from this no-ubers-policy from a staff member: they don't want to outright ban Pokémon because Pokémon in this game take a good amount of resources to make. Especially if someone is going for a perfect Pokémon, or has multiple sets of the same Pokémon. So in stead they want to look at options that make a Pokémon broken and lock away those options. I completely understand this point of view. But it is an extremely flawed way of viewing the problem. Banning pokémon in the OU tier doesn't make them unusable. They are most likely still useable in Doubles and will have a place in niche tournaments and the eventual Ubers tier. There are also other ways around the problem. Like giving players a monetary compensation if they want to trade in the banned Pokémon for Pokeyen. This could be based on total IVs. The 'solution' the PokeMMO Staff have found is a quick band-aid; a short term solution, to something that will have long term ramifications. Do you know how convoluted the OU tier is going to be if we have a banlist like: - No SD Garchomp - No Draco Hydreigon - 3 turn Shadow Tag - No CM on Suicune - No Flame Orb on Conkeldurr Also factor in how it's going to literally take months to ban some of these things. Because first you have to come to an agreement that something is a problem THEN you have to get to an agreement on WHAT EXACTLY the problem on a Pokemon is. Is it typing, moveset, basestats, item abuse? Things will just get insanely messy with this policy in the long term. But I get it, it seems like a fine solution for now because we barely have Ubers Pokémon. But I implore everyone to think ahead of that and think of Legendaries eventually becoming available one day, when you can have an actually functioning Ubers tier. In stead of having to completely overhaul the standing policies again when that happens, get ahead of it and change the current OU policies. Like I said, I think a monetary compensation works quite well, it's not perfect. But it'll work. UNLESS, the developers never intend on having multiple Legendaries in the game, available to play. Or they cherry pick a few that they want to add, but will leave out most of the others. If that is the longterm path PokeMMO is going to take then I can see why these policies are in place now. But if that is the case then we need to know that! So let's all spam Kyu until they give us an answer.
  2. Some serious advice. Just stop playing the game for a day if its really bad. If youre on a losing streak of 3+ its also a good idea to just stop for the day. Think to yourself, how could I have prevented this? There is almost always a line that we didn't see before that could've guaranteed us the win, or some other misplay during the match that put you in a weaker position. Try looking beyond the RNG and see what you could've done to minimize the impact of RNG on the end result.
  3. Someone doesnt know how elo works
  4. Thank you! And also thanks to aurumpegasus and AssasinV for their donations
  5. Username does NOT check out, bois
  6. Increase it to 100 points and make them 2x31 and 4x27
  7. God, I hate it when you make sense @NikhilR
  8. Good points by Nik not gonna lie. That said let's stop crying about a system that hasn't even been used yet. Come back in a month. E: official tournaments have always been 'laddering with a twist'change my mind
  9. Some archetypes just don't work well in certain tiers. You could argue that Electrode is broken in UU, but I don't know anything about the tier. I have the same issue with Conkeldurr in OU, I think that pokemon single handedly limits what you can use in HO teams. But thats a post for later :p I hope someone else can be more helpful with more direct tips for UU
  10. HO naturally has a hard time dealing with screens HO. Even in OU it is hard to play against it. When facing screens as an HO team, you have zero room for error. If you accidentaly give your opponent a free turn it can be game over. You also always have to keep in mind Screens when building a HO team, because it's a natural counter. Electrode has its updated gen 7 speed stat which makes it even harder to deal with. You even need a fast scarfer to outspeed that base 150. Now I don't know the UU tier at all but here are some things that could maybe help in teambuilding. - You could possibly run Defog on a team. - Tricking a choice item on the pokemon theyre trying to set up with (or even electrode) can buy you precious turns. - You can try to stall turns with Substitute. - You can run Taunt on a scarfer as a tech against Screen teams. - If they're using Aero they are likely to lead with it and you can use a Rapid Spinner turn 1 to click Rapid Spin. Rocks don't go up, you break Aeros sash, and you get a speed boost to outspeed it next turn. In the end, sometimes the match up is really hard to win even if you'd tech everything under the sun. You have to very specificly consider the screen matchup when building a HO team. I will also suggest to find a teammate that is willing to play some games with you on showdown using the Screens team. Screen teams are very formulaic, they almost always HAVE to play the same way the first few turns, otherwise their team falls apart. You can use this to your advantage. Go through the turns with your teammate, discussing each turn and possibilities. Then play some variations out as well to try to find the optimal way to play against screens.
  11. Teleport is usable in battle in gen 8 as a minus priority U-turn without damage. So it should work in pvp with the update.
  12. Just like Singles, in VGC you can't cover for everything. But I'll give you that in VGC it's more possible to win in grim looking situations. I just don't understand how you can argue this point when it is actually way worse in the current way we do tournaments. If you recall you said: 'why should a better player lose to a player that brought an obscure pokemon?'. Currently, this can happen during EVERY round of a tournament. While with locked in teams (gonna name it LIT from now on) a better player can mostly be surprised in the first two rounds. After the first few rounds, you'll know the Pokemon your opponent is bringing and actually form a gameplan against it. Again, this isn't possible in the current tournament format. So why are you arguing that this is worst in a LIT system (hehe). And I'm sorry but you see LIT everywhere in VGC, the most official form of tournament play we have for Pokemon. Yet you say that 'Pokemon is not meant to be played like this'. The making of educated guesses and team evaluations, is still an invaluable skill in early rounds in a LIT tournament. After the first few rounds though, the style of play will change and I think that's actually a really interesting dynamic. Also tournament play SHOULD differ from laddering and events like the PSL. Why shouldn't it? Just like laddering for VGC is incredibly different compared to playing a VGC tournament. Tournament play is a different skill compared to laddering and I think that difference isn't clear enough right now. Counter teaming is at its worst when players change up little moves so that they can still get a surprise knock out. I'm arguing that, this is actually uncompetitive in tournament play when you're in like the top 8. Things you can't make out in team preview but are solely put in because your opponent has scouted a few of your teams. Sure you could argue that you should change teams more often, but I don't like that it is 100% neccesary to win a tournament. I don't even think two teams would be enough, because then it actually starts becoming a gamble as well. 'Will my opponent bring A or B?' . Lastly, with testing a team i don't mean I literally throw a new team in a tournament and see how it does. I mean having built a well crafted team and to see how it can actually fare in a tournament environment. Like if you look at VGC you always have these awesome 'team reports' of people winning tours, having built specific teams for new tournaments. You can't really do those things in non LIT tournaments, because the emphasis on team building and knowing the ins and outs of your team are less emphasized. In essence a tournament doesn't differ that much from playing ladder now, but I already went over that. Don't get me wrong though. I don't think every tournament should be LIT. But I think they definitely have merit to be used. I don't see why you can't have two OU officials in a month and have one be LIT and one be traditional. Anyway, I think I've said everything I wanted to say. Thank you for your perspective.
  13. What drugs are you on. Entry fee for ranked MM was 350bp. So if you had winstreaks of 4 or 5 you'd already almost have enough for a Choice item. The rewards for a winstreak of 3 or higher are pretty high yes. But as the system matures it won't be that easy to get a winstreak of 2+, once you find your ELO rating it'll be pretty hard to get a winrate over 66%. So BP gain will be more balanced as players settle into their ELOs. Youre gaining fast BP right now cauz most people are able to get 5+ winstreaks with every skill level being at sub 600 elo. And sure you can farm it all day, but there are faster ways to make money than PvP. I'd be happy that PvP is an actual way to make a little cash now.
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