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  1. Up, it's been a few days.. I need my ditto :(
  2. Bump, still looking..
  3. First bump, I'm still looking.
  4. Hey guys I'm buying 4x31 ditto, it looks like this: Any nature 31/27+/31/x/31/31 message me your price, or reply on this thread, will get back to you in less than 12 hours or so (My timezone is GMT+7 and will be active around 10.00 to 00.00) Thanks, and sorry if my post breaks any forums rule, my first time post. Edit1: I'm paying good money, just PM/reply/whatever. Willing to pay $2000k+ if the ditto is worth it. Edit2:Changed the ditto I was looking for, also the title and the price
  5. Route 12 Unova Rapidash patch: Honey Plain bitter seed Plain spicy seed I also found plain sweet seed here but I dont have the screenshot, maybe others could confirm. Hope this helps
  6. KingRoses


    Hey guys, been playing a while now. Going to start jumping into the forums to learn even more about the game. Hope we can help each other and be good friends :)
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