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  1. this is an actual question and not meant to be rude - has any suggestion in this thread ever made it to the game?
  2. your crusade against anyone who has a few vanities in their bags is really cute. and yes, i see you recently whining in every thread that has any mention of limited items or related. i dont know when you found your inner communist, but maybe you should consider other ways of farming other than ev training, this never has been a really good way to obtain money. a lot of new players actually sent me ingame mails asking about strategies - and i also started from scratch in 2018, started focusing on grinding money in 2019 - so claiming you cant catch up if you really want to is really stupid to me. anyways im out, in other threads you werent open for any solid arguments against your point, so you wont be here. have fun being salty instead of actually playing the game.
  3. i mean i did the xmas event solo with my alts and had 2 spots on leaderboard, i told my strat to anybody who asked me. dunno why you are complaining about strats being hidden lol
  4. GTL Prices are usually a bit higher than their actual value, but not by much. Exceptions are kinda rare items that dont get sold often (and if they do, they are hard to sell) like old elfbots. Plague Masks are close to their real value on gtl most of the time
  5. well i dont play much at the moment so im not paying much attention to the market - i saw that golden dragon masks went down a good chunk - so it might be a good time to buy one. In general my opinion you cant do much wrong with reapers, plagues and golden dragon masks mid - to longterm. im expecting prices to go up again during CNY, and red reaper went down a lot since XMAS. Might be a good time to buy now, but as irl, its always hard to time the market.
  6. dungeons were announced to be soon in like 2015 or so, at this point its just a meme.
  7. i think you dont understand how shinyrate works
  8. nothing right now. There are 2 things that can shaken up the vanity price, first CNY where people will focus on the vanities released during that event and then the months after, where the vanity market calms down a lot. ill stack them at a later point when the price has proven itself
  9. When amount of likes were visible on your profile and forums was just a shit posting contest to farm likes
  10. Quakkz


    do you mean how many i have given out right now or how much i can give? TBH i ran a bit dry on cash this week, have 2 bigger loans still out there that i will get paid back in march and spent over 300m during xmas... i think i can only give loans of like 25m currently.
  11. also fixed, hat the one from last time still in there
  12. yeah you got it for free and even 405k on top before, wdym edited it, was a 0 too much, thanks
  13. updated, im keeping my hands away from them atm
  14. updated, the best time of the year to get rich has started again
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