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  1. updated with todays values, added two more listings as well (jack-o-lantern and sleigh bell ribbon)
  2. okay, are the dungeons you are talking about with us in the room right now
  3. my guess is that it takes into consideration the average price of past sales in for example the last month and marks listenings that are way higher than this average. so it is probably pretty accurate for things, that get traded often. For items that are rare or arent sold that often it would be pretty inaccurate and no real indication for its value. ( for example most expensive items like skulls are almost never bought with pure cash - the only time those would sell on gtl is when it gets sniped by a mistake listing or when they are listed for way too cheap)
  4. everytime the server goes down this forum gives proof that we are actually related to apes
  5. beat up little kids irl, its what you basically do most of the time during the event
  6. Quakkz


    still alive ,added comp shiny lunatone iksdee
  7. Mfw people put more effort in proving catch rates than I did in my bachelor thesis
  8. good point, added at least the last years ones for now
  9. probably just a temporary spike, lets see how they are doing in 2 weeks
  10. Quakkz


    bump added shiny comp weavile
  11. Quakkz


    bump added shiny comp gigalith
  12. claiming something without a single proof or hint, classic internet
  13. This is getting childish.
  14. Quakkz


    bump bought a few shinies, boredom ftw
  15. Quakkz


    we back time to prepare for event season
  16. and you didnt have pokeballs as well to catch the shiny, big F
  17. Already noted down today's values, gonna update this when I find the time to make a post out of it
  18. Gtl scamming is in most cases people who try to sell 100 rp for the 1000 rp price because they look similar and other cases like that. Heard of multiple cases in that regard.
  19. She is only there in summer and spring
  20. updated, reaper hoods to the moon 🚀🚀🚀
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