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  1. i was bored i just put them all on gtl, like 70% already sold.
  2. Disconnecting and end the session
  3. actually had the same today on my phone, tried to switched a mon in my party and the switch was always reverted immediatly
  4. You don't get rewards if match doesn't last 5 rounds
  5. bump, removed all comps from the shop. focus will now be to offer training service.
  6. 2015 lul, real times were when you had to calculate the ivs of every wild catch by hand using an online iv calculator
  7. price for braces are fine, stop being lazy
  8. hey man, havent heard from you in a while. just mailed the mon
  9. bump sold a few comps, havent been really active past days
  10. last day of september
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