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  1. was hoping for a goodbye thread
  2. good luck trying to sweep level 100 elite 4
  3. nothing tbh, thats why everybody is so disappointed that dungeons were delayed. but you gotta make those paying chinese casuals happy, you know
  4. Quakkz

    Value Advice

    with everybody panicing about yens atm i feel like that feebas would get 50m pure cash max
  5. sometimes i wonder if i should put the "no how much questions" at font size 72
  6. bump added a few comps, also rebreed all sold comps, currently training them
  7. lol what, im doing full kanto + hoenn + morimoto + 5 unova gymleader in one amulet coin, so 25 battles would be pretty spot on, even a slight nerf
  8. cant wait til he finds out that teaching extreme speed costs way more than 30k
  9. If you are decently fast you can make almost 300k an hours with gymrunning, which ist actually insane. No clue why everybody is complaining either
  10. bump, on holiday trip for a week starting tomorrow but will still be able to log in for trades
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