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  1. i noticed this as well, made an topic about it in december: i dont think the issue was taken seriously tho - amulet coin price has increased again but other items still are at a all time low
  2. im pretty sure you just remember it wrong, rp werent that cheap for like 3-4 years or so and probably will never be again
  3. That's what I was thinking too. Must be a coordinated group tho, since if I count everything together over the last few days that was bought empty from gtl we are talking about tens of billions probably
  4. im aware of this and yes this was the case for the last years - but not to this extent.
  5. So Prices of a lot of vanities went x2 / x3 in the last week and they were already rising beforehand. I would say that im participating in the market a lot and usually know the mechanics pretty well - but this is just insane. I talked to different people and apparently its not only on the GTL, but the offers they receive in tradechat as well seem to have gotten way higher. Whats the reason for this? Did a few rich players decide to buy the whole vanity market empty or do we really have an issue with inflation now? The inflation part doesnt make sense to me though, if that really would be an is
  6. wings were in spring and ufo hat was in early august
  7. and lets face it we all still gonna be here
  8. As a proud owner myself I immediately recognize others when I see them
  9. id hope they do, thats at least some new gameplay
  10. why do randoms always keep admiring me i wonder what people will spam for once johto is implemented
  11. bump, added a shiny with a karen haircut - still one of my favs tho
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