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  1. Quakkz


    Bestfriends, I feel like his reelection vote was rigged as well
  2. you cant even breed a shiny mon with a non shiny mon, the daycare man gonna say that your shiny is too valuable
  3. sorry, since everything dropped in price i rather hold all vanities for now until the market restores, so that probably gonna be a while. thanks for the offer tho, i appreciate it
  4. bump, having some motivation again so we back. why i cant edit my thread tho -.-
  5. i said it once, gonna say it again. you don`t make less money with gymruns now unless you suck at it
  6. Make alts, Farm gyms ez
  7. its probably just the same visual error as with donator status. shows the wrong amount after battle, but when you actually check on your poke summary how much exp you really gotten its correct
  8. you joined here in may and already need a refresh, yet you wonder why people who are here since 2012 are frustrated when nothing about the core gameplay got changed since then
  9. alright, i bet ill regret trying considering the quality of the post but here we go anyways: are you sure your auctions just hasnt expired, then you just get the items/pokemon back and no cash when you click claim...
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