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  1. bump added 1x Comp Tyranitar 5x Proto Pack 3x Gingerbread Costume 3x Gingerbread Hood 10x Pumpkin Costume more particles
  2. well trade chat also has advantages over gtl - mostly that people can trade stuff instead of just buying with pure cash. This is especially useful when you for example want to break down a valuable shiny / vanity into a few lower tier ones. So removing trade chat should never happen - making it less full of spam would be nice to see tho
  3. bump added: 2x Comp Tyranitar 1x Comp Excadrill 1x Comp Krookodile 1x Comp Torkoal 1x Comp Flygon 10x Ghost Purging Outfit some particles
  4. stop bringing drama from a season thats over for 2 months. Devs said multiple times that the first season gonna be shorter, and besides that they said that those cosmetics most likely will return in later seasons
  5. some random chinese who sinks 2k dollars a month in this game probably
  6. Quakkz

    Clan Bank

    id already be thankful for a storage system where all your characters on one account have access to
  7. Quakkz

    Vanity Thread

    Id think some new limited hairstyles would be great - afaik we only have the electric storm so far.
  8. bump added another comp Haxorus + Hydreigon also added - 10 Pharoah Headdress - 10 Pharoah Outfit - 10 Crook & Flail - lots more particles
  9. another idea might be to put the pokeball selection now before the breeding process and put it after the gender selection, so that you still can cancel if you have messed up the gender part. You can switch Pokeballs now, so messing that up as last question before the point of no return is way less impactful
  10. we need to bring back thread of the year
  11. When you click no to the daycareman when he asks you if you want any certain gender the man takes your both mons without the ability to revert it. I just misclicked and well... a security question like "are you sure?" would be nice
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