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  1. Quakkz

    Breeding ideas, and thoughts on Legendaries.

    yeah like better ivs on the offspring, oh wait
  2. Quakkz

    The Case for Level Caps

    i dont get it.
  3. Quakkz

    new mayor of pokemmo BESTFRIENDS

    waiting for a "i have a dream" level kind of speech, disappointed so far
  4. Quakkz

    Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    Liking the update as well, yeah gotta rebreed some genderless but so what, thats natural Progress in an mmo. Every now and then an Expansion hits the game making your old stuff not top Tier anymore and you have to put in an effort to get better stuff once again You always can use your old comps to build on to get the new better ones, which is exactly the same like when for example an update hits an mmo which puts the max Level higher so you have to go for new gear again...
  5. Quakkz

    "Bad luck"

    10/10 thread
  6. Quakkz

    Boosting Elite4 payouts

    i do the elite 4 lvl 100 from time to time, doesnt take me more than like 2 revives and 3 hyper potions, but it takes between 30 and 45mins so yeah, there are probably better ways to make money. https://prnt.sc/igejol
  7. Quakkz

    Teleport for gym rematch

    8th gymleader in unova is just pure horror because of this shit
  8. he probably did and ignored it cause its bullshit. You cant spam story elite 4 for bp and money cause you would actually have to complete it, which would put a cooldown on it after. EXP is also irrelevant since there is a level cap which cant be bypassed first time elite 4 as well, so yeah, there really is no point in having an story elite 4 cooldown
  9. Quakkz

    Shiny trade is dead

    the only people who have a problem with this are probably the ones who invest all their stuff into shinies back then and are now basically broke again. it has become more of a collecting thing than a trading thing. people seem to care about OTs more nowadays than just buying them
  10. Quakkz

    League of Legends. Let's talk.

    had the most ridiculous placements ever, got placed in gold 5 after 3-7 -.- welp let the climbing back begin
  11. Quakkz

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    it literally had a cooldown for almost 3 weeks
  12. Quakkz

    Fightning system

  13. Quakkz

    Shiny Rate of PokeMMO

    its still 1/30000 for each pokemon in a horde and 1/30000 in singles, kyu just clearified that 5/30000 is the same as 1/6000 which is the chance for 1 pokemon in a horde of 5 to be shiny.

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