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  1. next episodes better be lit as fk to justify 2 set-up episodes
  2. bump, stacked up a bit of event vanity
  3. Passing on those, thanks tho. That's like almost what it takes to Breed them, and they are ready to comp with moveset etc. :( Thanks tho @razimove I'm on a business trip til late Friday, will catch you when I'm back. Pelipper doesn't know wide guard tho afaik
  4. cya when you have decided on the last 2 moves on your scizor
  5. bump, thanks to the new customers. will add some new comps soonish
  6. thats exactly what a stalker would say
  7. Quakkz

    Shinny ?

    no girl, no shiny.
  8. Quakkz

    Add Fairy type

    that was already mentioned by devs back then in case dragons get too strong, but i guess this isnt the case so far
  9. bump, added few comps and currently doing ev training for couple mons but open for more jobs
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