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    jk im dead again
  2. im adding some stuff i dont own myself over time (like for example i added skeleton costume, bug elfbot set and candy cane which i dont own) , i just had the data from the stuff i own anyways. well i doubt there will be any desu labcoats on gtl, and well super expensive vanities like skulls are so rarely on gtl that it doesnt say anything about their price.
  3. Quakkz


    winners got 1 week again to claim their prize
  4. Quakkz


    okay who killed the bear
  5. im sure its worth to spy your team
  6. Quakkz


    also sold shiny zard again lmao, cant bother breeding the ivs up. stacking up those reapers
  7. Quakkz


    This weeks participants: Cali Luke DeBryan QuinnW CaptnBaklava noomuch Poufilou Mayushii LeJovi Incognition iMat Umbramol Zymogen TheBloo MoxieMozzie Awkways Avebank AnnoyingZoey AimanJP LynxLowman Rahnit AnteMortem Dustybunny PedroLindoUnico PizzaConewe RexB Poseidonwrath KiryuMoeka Lifestyle EYL Pottina Redrunt TipsyTurvy DrTylerGrey Meltdown Darkoure SirReezy Endiii Bryce draw me 2 winners again please @Bearminator
  8. Quakkz


    bump, next raffle drawings this monday
  9. updated. thanks for the help, appreciate it. i wont put it in my thread tho since its a) hard to read b) i cant really verify those numbers, even tho they seem plausible. i guess people can scroll down if they want to look at those numbers as well
  10. it was announced in the first season already that they will rotate every 4 seasons
  11. bruh pls unban him, he even brought his crew of accounts that have 1 forumspost
  12. you can breed beldum with other beldums or dittos.
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