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  1. bump finally rebred all my comps \o/ added also some new ones in the meantime, now we back to growing the comp collection :)
  2. id even buy it from the giftshop
  3. Go to the support section and ask for help, they can restore your account
  4. So my idea is basically some kind of link or code that i can receive via a button on gtl, and when another player enters this code in the search tab on gtl, it would show all my listings that i have on gtl to that player who entered that code
  5. i get that error quite often as well since like 2 updates ago, restarting the client several times fixes it for me in most cases
  6. thanks for clearing up my questions, much appreciated. can be locked now
  7. thats not what i even said, but thanks for your lesson on economics, i really needed it
  8. my breeding is currently closed sorry
  9. It says lighning effect in the description, but is it just me or isnt there any? Also something i want to bring up is that i bought RP every day for the last week, and yesterday they went up suddenly out of nothing with the new vanity nowhere even announced - is there somebody leaking stuff or what is this -.- not that it bothers me that much, but its kinda suspicious
  10. well rip my reward point and cash count but: - added fancy butterfly wings x10 - added two more of black / white plague mask each - added two more phoenix robe + 1x phoenix hood
  11. i dont think you know what the word "need" means
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