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  1. Selling some male breeders

    sorry with the recent rise of dragons i value that bagon pretty high as a breeder... looking for like 300k for them combined, sorry ._.
  2. chance to not lose a parent (breeding)

    its almost 2018 and ppl still complain about breeding mechanics... its fine as it is and probably the best we had in years economy wise, its mostly people who arent willed to go deeper into it that say that it sucks
  3. legendary dungeons

    yeah u can breed them and im pretty sure that the dungeons are already developed and about to hit in 3-4 months according to devs, so i doubt that they will do drastic changes to their concept now
  4. Elite 4 totally broken

    dunno i used my lvl 50 comps and had no problems at all
  5. Selling some male breeders

    Wooper Bashful 30-31-19-31-21-30 Nidoran Male Timid 29-26-26-29-27-31 Bulbasaur Naughty 29-1-29-29-23-28 Bulbasaur Bashful 26-7-29-25-30-22 Magikarp Jolly 22-28-30-15-25-31 Bulbasaur Jolly 22-7-31-20-24-25 Bulbasaur Sassy - 24-2-29-31-30-31 Bulbasaur relaxed 29-8-31-26-23-23 Bulbasaur Careful 29-7-27-20-31-30 Bulbasaur Careful 22-7-23-28-30-22 Bulbasaur Lonely 22-7-23-30-30-31 Spoink Careful 24-28-30-22-21-31 Drowzee Careful 19-27-30-30-23-28 Bulbasaur Quirky 28-8-29-25-30-31 Bulbasaur Hardy 29-1-29-31-28-30 Cubone Hasty 24-27-30-31-19-28 Bagon Bold 25-21-30-31-28-31 Poliwag Adamant 23-28-20-6-28-31 Poliwag Timid 30-29-29-13-28-31 Bulbasaur Jolly 22-1-29-31-28-21 Bulbasaur Naive 30-3-29-23-30-28 Bulbasaur Impish 26-1-29-31-30-23 Bulbasaur Sassy 28-5-29-31-30-29 Bulbasaur Mild 24-8-29-30-30-29 Bulbasaur Mild 25-1-29-30-28-31 Nidoran Male Quirky 30-31-27-24-29-17 Nidoran Male Hasty 24-31-30-27-28-26 Nidoran Male Modest 23-27-30-30-31-28 sold Bulbasaur Brave 27-1-29-31-31-23 Nidorino Quiet 29-31-30-31-28-29 Nidoran Male Docile 28-24-20-23-29-31 Nidoran Male Gentle 29-27-26-25-27-27 Nidoran Naive 29-30-30-22-31-25 Nidoran Gentle 25-27-24-29-27-26 Bulbasaur Jolly 30-10-23-31-30-31 Nidoran Naive 26-27-27-26-27-26 Nidoran Timid 26-27-27-29-27-26 Poliwag Adamant 28-29-28-19-24-31 Nidoran Quirky 31-29-30-25-27-26 Nidoran Naive 29-31-21-31-27-27 Nidoran Naive 28-27-25-31-30-31 Nidoran Timid 29-29-30-22-27-28 Bulbasaur Hardy 26-0-31-31-30-24 Bulbasaur Gentle 22-8-29-31-22-31 Wooper Sassy 30-28-25-9-24-27 Magikarp Timid 28-26-25-20-25-30 Magikarp docile 22-26-30-19-29-31 Bagon Serious 29-30-30-30-26-31 Snorlax Naive 30-30-29-19-27-31 sold got some female versions of them as well if anybody is interested, just shoot an offer, looking for cash
  6. New Cooldown on Gymbattles?

    should be, but my hoenn gyms were ready again after 12 hours
  7. so i fought the hoenn gymleader 12 hours ago and can rebattle them now - while i fought the kanto gyms yesterday and they still arent ready ... is this bug or intended? im confused
  8. Question about Seasons ^^

    im pretty sure i read from a dev that they will be the same seasons like irl, maybe they changed it tho
  9. Question about Seasons ^^

    rl season = mmo season
  10. what happens to current GTL listings

    maybe because pokemon black and white had a free lucky egg in the story line and ppl got nervous because of it?
  11. Other regions

    just wow lol
  12. Smeargle can't learn sketch

    move relearner in general seems bugged, it always overwrites the first move instead of letting you chose
  13. [Pre-comp] E.V. Training Guide

    so any new sweet spots in unova?

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