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  1. hidden abilities arent obtainable yet
  2. since he is farming with 2 accounts he is probably spectating from the other account
  3. everybody freeze, forums police is here
  4. yup, used a team of pokemon with many immunities ( levitate, water absorb, volt absorb and so on) + entry hazards and just predicted the AI, which isnt that hard after some time. Pretty much stalled them down
  5. are you gonna update this @Akshit? Anyways: Sinnoh Victory Road Rhydon Hordes + 10 Atk EVS 100%
  6. i ran elite 4 and never used baton pass before - without the use of any healing items, but those runs took me like 40 mins per run. with the current payout its not worth it i think, gymruns are more profitable
  7. professor tells me as well, great you saw all pokemon, but nothing really happens ._.
  8. so many new hordes, also a lot rares are now easier accessible it seems. also gible hordes :D
  9. buff e4 payout a bit then please, thanks
  10. closed until january 21th cause of a vacation trip to the carribean starting tomorrow hype \o/ also a quarter billionaire in cash now *-*
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