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  1. releasing a guide on something not even released and 100% final, smh
  2. next is shiny persian again
  3. thats where things get interesting tho :D
  4. just for my understanding - so we catch them in dungeons with random nature and ivs with hidden ability - will we be able to breed them and keep their has?
  5. i actually like the idea to be honest, hopefully we get them rather quick. waiting another year would suck. So just to make sure - we will be able to get hidden abilities on our already existing mons , right? edit: wait actually having to catch and rebreed them sucks -.- would have prepared like ha capsules as a rare drop or something
  6. League of Legends. Lets talk.

  7. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    if anybody want they can add me too, IGN Quakkz, currently sitting on plat 5 @ EUW
  8. Game of Thrones Discussion Thread. [SPOILERS]

    dunno, GoT became a bit too predictable to me, its like they just grab the fanbase wishlist and work it off... still a great series tho, but this season wasnt the best one for me compared to the previous ones.
  9. Spotlight Comps for Sale

    will talk to u about some of those later when i can catch u in teamchat or discord
  10. 3rd party tool request thread

    pvp tool where u can fill in the moves your opponent used in the battle and you can additional notes like the possible nature, possible speedstat etc. basically same like the thing that pops up in showdown when you hover over a pokemon there
  11. Quick Wishlist

    either a system message or a little window popping up when one of your listings in gtl got sold
  12. Quick Wishlist

    better pickup spots in hoenn crafting overhaul so thats actually worth doing it at all

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