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  1. Quakkz

    Why Graphic of Fire and Electric Moves sucks

    the priorities people have in this game are sometimes unreal
  2. Quakkz


    is that a copy paste from 2015?
  3. Quakkz

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    Probably on halloween
  4. Quakkz

    Appreciation thread

    Bestfriends, this thread needs you
  5. I find the name Tristan offensive as well, sue your parents
  6. The MMO aspect, which mainly includes shitposting in forums with your friends
  7. Quakkz

    multiplatform play

    Yes, that's possible.
  8. Quakkz


    i think there are a lot of antidotes in viridian forest
  9. and thats the reason why there is a post requirement for posting in suggestion box
  10. Quakkz

    Why III and IV gen....

    im sure they will change the core mechanics of the game just for you
  11. Quakkz

    Help on EV upgrading

    Nothing wrong, it just doesn't work that way
  12. Netflix and chill

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