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  1. Quakkz

    boss skin better be also a hint for the limited this year, looks cool

    1. CaptnBaklava


      Staff vanity for the handslot sounds good

  2. Just implement dungeons with ha already and both are happy
  3. Quakkz


    sorry not even close.
  4. updated, i guess a lot of money is going to RP now for halloween so prices are declining a bit
  5. Quakkz


    ded, or are you refering to comp shinies? that one soon tm
  6. making pointless suggestions just to flex your totally unrelated shiny encounter is some next level shit
  7. Quakkz


    bump added shiny ludicolo
  8. updated with todays values, added two more listings as well (jack-o-lantern and sleigh bell ribbon)
  9. okay, are the dungeons you are talking about with us in the room right now
  10. my guess is that it takes into consideration the average price of past sales in for example the last month and marks listenings that are way higher than this average. so it is probably pretty accurate for things, that get traded often. For items that are rare or arent sold that often it would be pretty inaccurate and no real indication for its value. ( for example most expensive items like skulls are almost never bought with pure cash - the only time those would sell on gtl is when it gets sniped by a mistake listing or when they are listed for way too cheap)
  11. everytime the server goes down this forum gives proof that we are actually related to apes
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