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  1. Quakkz

    Level Lock

  2. Quakkz

    Level Lock

    yes it does.
  3. Quakkz

    Problem with Roms..

    because it is illegal?
  4. Quakkz

    Problem with Roms..

    Sharing roms is forbidden in here, so you wont find any help here
  5. Quakkz

    Johto and Sinnoh?

    pls, johto was lorewise the best region. Especially around legendaries
  6. Quakkz

    Make friends useful

    sometimes i wish that my friends in pokemmo would be a bit more useful too
  7. think its because of the exchange rate of your currency
  8. Quakkz


    loving the small message when something sold on gtl <3 shiny sparkle in battle now too
  9. Quakkz


    I will play the smallest violin in the world for the few people who hoard axews expecting it to boost after update
  10. Quakkz

    Value Advice

    thought so, tho some told me it was on gtl for 10mill in the past, thats where i got confused
  11. Quakkz

    Value Advice

    opinions on shiny skitty please
  12. Quakkz

    Review some hordes spot

    i dont know how adding new hordes is a solution to shiny "rares" being found on a daily basis, but ok, seems legit
  13. Quakkz


    did xatu make an alt or something
  14. can you pm me once you get online? :) need some stuff, ign Quakkz
  15. Quakkz

    time to mess with the economy again?

    can't really tell if it will have an huge impact, for me personally it wont make a difference

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