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  1. customer of the week - all sold - thread updated back to rebreeding i guess
  2. Quakkz

    Value Advice

    Yeah you can retire now
  3. lets be honest here, all you guys wont be playing anyways anymore in 2025 when dungeons come out. so why bother
  4. I dont really get what the point here is. In every MMO there will be a new patch with better gear, making your old gear useless and you have to grind for better one with the old stuff you have.
  5. shiny horse #5, i should finally choose another speed ev spot
  6. solid argument how is there global warming, its snowing out here. anyways yeah, the game isnt dying. server population is mostly on "high" when login in, there were times where it was something between low / normal
  7. buying items from gift shop doesnt create any new monetary, it just creates new supply of rp items. if too many rp items will be thrown into the market, their value will decrease. basic supply and demand stuff. Selling berries for yen create new yens in the market, causing inflation. two different things
  8. devs finally manually distributing the shinies and take away from those who got too many thx Desu aka Robin Hood
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