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  1. So ummm you newbz still playing this ish? Jeff, 4fie, Dennis, Felix Haven't logged onto the forum in so long I didn't know how to navigate it
  2. SUP DUUUUUUUDES!!!! I'm just gonna litter this thread with bibarel sweeps http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7pokebankou-481852252 http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7pokebankou-481859647
  3. I may tomorrow I'm pretty swamped today. I was waiting on my laundry to finish before i go into town to get some stuff to fix my car. I thought "man i haven't gotten on the forums in a long time" it turned out to be so long ago that my computer history didn't even remember the page lol. 
  4. OMG you fgts are still here... I fully expected to sign in and recognize no one, but you guys are still going strong. And Toast still got me quoted in his sig.
  5. Cuban stepping up and making big boy moves. I like the move even though I'm not a huge rondo fan he fits the mavericks pretty well and will make them a really dangerous team I think
  6. Toast I know you're watching this absolute battle in San Antonio right now Grizz are definitely laying it all on the line after beating GS last night and now going to war in this one tonight Grizz youth proved to be too much for the aging spurs lineup tonight
  7. alright so fuck life. Didn't realize the bowl game was midafternoon on a work day so going to the game is totally out of the question, but I'm thinking possible bbq feast at this joint right outside of downtown Monday night since Tuesday morning I got work and watch the remaining bowl games on the 29th
  8. I've been seriously considering going to the music city bowl also lol I'll work out some deets later and get back on that
  9. brah, we never seen the woman partner, who knows maybe it was miley cyrus and had no boobs or anything...   no way Oliver is dead, and what about that guy from hong kong being in the league. That was a huge bomb to the backstory
  10. Don't be naive, obviously was the woman and they planned together the whole time to steal the taceon technology from the opposing science company and Dr wells plans on becoming invincible with the technology. She had to beat the hell out of him to make it look real, she could have killed him as quick as the guards earlier in the episode but she didn't and Cisco has no idea why the force field went out and Dr wells immediately changed the subject when Cisco brought it up and changed the topic to katelyns old fiance
  11. fuck spoilers, cause if you ain't watched it by now then you deserve to know. Just hit me tho nik, the third fast person could be the woman scientist that the professor claimed to have lost before he moved to central city. The one he was telling the black guy about when he got curious where the professor was the night Barrys mom was killed
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