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  1. This needs some huge respect in compare to the scums avoiding to pay.
  2. add cancel move button first xD
  3. Super fast & cheap ev + lv service, I would recommend! 10/10
  4. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Kriliin, Kamowanthere, PoseidonWrath, Endiii, CLOPEN, Getovaherez, Baneadito, Wally, Trelos, Takens, Jaafri, Lactosoid, Rakhmaninov, HannsPizarro, LimbowRed, ChronoRike, ItsGray, ClayClover, HeroGarou, Zipro Captain: Kriliin
  5. time to have a mono water wall team ig.
  6. bro we need this for real wtf. We also need something like showdown that shows what moves the player has done and some of the items it has like lefties cause my smol brain easily forgets. Maybe even showing weather turns and screen/trick turns would be nice. Maybe something that shows base speed too so I don't have to panicc and rush to my pokedex :)
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