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  1. Please use the Report sections instead of the general: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/
  2. Of course Gengar now has Cursed Body.
  3. ---> (!WORK IN PROGRESS!) <--- ───────────────────────── Introduction: Purpose: How to use this guide: How you can contribute to this guide: ───────────────────────── NPC Profits AC stands for Amulet Coin RC stands for Riches Charm Gym Rematch Profits (18hr Cooldown) Description: Kanto Gym Rematch Profits: Hoenn Gym Rematch Profits: Sinnoh Gym Rematch Profits: Unova Gym Rematch + Morimoto Profits: ───────────────────────── Gym Rematch Total Profit (No Boost): $311,436 Gym Rematch Total Profit (With AC): $467,154 Gym Rematch Total Profit (With RC): $545,013 More Info: ───────────────────────── Rich Trainers (6hr Cooldown) Description: ───────────────────────── Rich Trainers Total Profit (No Boost): $54,464 Rich Trainers Total Profit (With AC): $81,696 Rich Trainers Total Profit (With RC): $95,312 ───────────────────────── Gym Rematches + Rich Trainers Total Profit (No Boost): $365,900 Gym Rematches + Rich Trainers Total Profit (With AC): $548,850 Gym Rematches + Rich Trainers Total Profit (With RC): $640,325 More Info: ───────────────────────── Useful Tips Team Building for NPC Rematches Amulet Coin Farming Gym Rematch + Amulet Coin Run Guide ───────────────────────── FAQ Update Log Contributors ─────────────────────────
  4. Rest in peace Samehada, the community is missing your presence. <3
  5. You have veteren brian twice? Also Route 229 on the right side there is an Ace Trainer Sandra which gives $3520 (Still need to check rematch).
  6. My ingame name is: LimbowRed My favourite pokemon is: Raichu On Pokemmo I am currently busy doing: Recently completed all 4 regions so I have started to get into the fun part such as breeding, berry farming etc. My playtime ingame is: 193h I would like to join Team Läva because: I would like to discover more about the game, and I feel like this team will help me improve in all fields. As I have started taking PokeMMO 'seriously', I also want to explore the community more as I feel like its an important aspect for me when it comes to MMO and maybe have one or more people to talk with in Voice Chats about this amazing game. This is why Team Läva has to invite me as member: I am outgoing and social when it comes to talking to anyone who plays this game, you can usually find me chatting in the global chat because I have yet to have found a team that is active as this one. I hope you can accept my application and looking forward for a response! :D x
  7. Maybe editing the colours of the box names would be more ideal so that they are more legible, but overall love the work so far! (I would suggest making the texts all white and change the highlighted colour to something else if possible)
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