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  1. but I understand your point of view and respect it, I don't want anything to be misunderstood, I just wanted to give my opinion, I hope you respect mine, the game is already too addictive and great like that, I will not complain about any changes made by the admin because I know this game only has one way; Grow!
  2. of course I have participated in the official tournaments! but I was referring more to the matchmaking pvp and the pvp that we organize in vermilion city. I think everyone loves easy. * The poke-wall team trainers would be more affected and it would cost them more to use their pokemon walls and their 1 hour battles, I am not complaining but anyone takes a chansey a cofagrigus a milotic and will raise it to 50 with 35 hordes each and you already have your team wall. and because of fatigue they always win and when I win and if i use those teams they always send me insults to the
  3. It would be great if the mandatory level for the PvP tournament in general was level 100 and not level 50, it would improve the competitiveness and economy of the game and players. * You would need to reach level 100 to start a battle. * The lucky eggs would be sold more. * People who level up other Pokémon would have more profit. * Not everyone could compete in a tournament, it would be more special. * The 31 ivs would be more valued because at level 100 they go up 2 points. * More hours of gameplay!
  4. I notice that the status problem (Burned) lowers the attack of the burned pokemon, I noticed it in the halloween event, the question here is; 1.-what percentage of attack is the one that goes down? 2.-Low physical attack, special or both? 3.-is this implementation permanent? 4.-Why in the "free bar" parties the only thing that is not free is the bar?
  5. I notice that the status problem (Burned) lowers the attack of the burned pokemon, so that balances Conkeldurr, a Gengar with life orb enters combat, Haxe , and goodbye conke
  6. B) Hello everyone, I'd like to make a low-key request for in-game shoes, ladies high heels, and men's basketball shoes at 1,500 reward points with new walking animations. I would also love if you could make the white gloves more whiter, because they look gray, thanks for all!!! the game it's the best game in the world!!! Thanks guys. <3: 3
  7. hello players, any Easter Egg in this seasson from halloween, you find something mysteriusly? When is the servers working again? an earthquake made me out from the game, i love pokemmo thanks for all. hommies <3
  8. Escuchen tengo un duda en español, i have a question in spanish, dejame ver si entiendo, dice que los que dejan correr el tiempo antes de los 5 turnos en PvP seran penados 1 hora sin poder unirse? si es así, genial! tambien dice que garchomp volvio, pero ahora no puede bailar las espadas lol
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