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  1. I hope you'll check my appeal because I have solid proof that I only trade with people I know. But anyways, it's still your choice. After all, this is PokeMMO a game that is bs. A game where SGM just ban you and never even look/give attention to your appeal or give you a chance to defend. They just ban you because they are God.
  2. Thanks for the match, my bro! I had luck but thank you for your sportsmanship!
  3. Superman vs Aerun after Madara vs Umbra
  4. Re-scheduled 55mins from now. Superman vs Akaru.
  5. Yeah, I agree. That's not a good example of a player. What's the point of joining PSL if you just run from a fight? XD
  6. I had a bit of luck. Good game, bro Zigh.
  7. Superman vs Zigh in 10 minutes if net is not laggy.
  8. Agreed! Especially when we play rank in multiple tiers and each round we want to change teams :< 6 boxes is not really enough
  9. IGN: Superman Reason: I believe that this will help me test what I'm capable of. <3 Preferred Tiers: DUBS > OU Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): Not being uguuy, but I beat some of top tier players in the said tier. :) Discord contact (optional): Superrr #9731 Other random stuff: I'll be able to lend some comps to my teammates if needed <3 Thank you!
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