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  1. Agreed! Especially when we play rank in multiple tiers and each round we want to change teams :< 6 boxes is not really enough
  2. IGN: Superman Reason: I believe that this will help me test what I'm capable of. <3 Preferred Tiers: DUBS > OU Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): Not being uguuy, but I beat some of top tier players in the said tier. :) Discord contact (optional): Superrr #9731 Other random stuff: I'll be able to lend some comps to my teammates if needed <3 Thank you!
  3. Team Name: Supermen Registered Players: Superman, HALOTT, Endiii, magnetozorizor
  4. Tag Team Name : Last Minute Tag Team Players : Superman, richardbenzina, Endiii
  5. Team Name: Philippines Registered Players: Superman, DeathScytheII, Graaayyy
  6. Rest in Peace, Lavabobo! We will always remember you and cherish all the memories you had with us.
  7. Pelipper Kingdra Ludicolo Jolteon Metagross Togekiss IGN: Superman
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