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  1. [Lost Emerald Event - Rules] [Introduction] Hello trainers, In my seeking for the Emerald, I went to the Ruby Location, to start from the beginning, thinking there could be some clues here, since Team Rocket knew about this gem as well. In the Ruby cave, an old braille inscription is written. As an old friend of mine was blind, I know how to decipher it, and it says : “Everything has meaning Existence has meaning Being alive has meaning Have dreams Use power.” This inscription seemed really old, bu
  2. Shortly after Celio linked Kanto and Hoenn with the help of the Ruby and the Sapphire, a rumor suddenly started to spread amongst Ruin Maniacs, about the existence of an Emerald hidden somewhere in Kanto, that Giovanni used to possess. It is said that this Emerald is at least worth 10 million cash. However, no one knows where it could be located, except the leader of Team Rocket himself. As a ruin maniac more obsessed with stones than Steven, this Emerald must be found, so the world can have the opportunity to see it with their own eyes. That is why I am seeking out your help. I d
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