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  1. Would be pretty ridiculous if that happened to anyone . getting banned for helping a friend kinda negates the whole point of MMO
  2. Free Jgaw ! this is completly idiotic and this ban should have never happened . just another sad example of how the stuff tries to protect IDIOTS who don't look at the price before they buy something and then run crying . a seller should be allowed to sell at whatever cost he sees fit , if the price is bad then the seller would lose listing fee for nothing . that's what you have listing fees for don't ya ?? so stop banning people who sell in the price they believe in and instead ban snipers who buy stuff in 1 milisecond like they are the flash and then cry about it because they werent careful . this is just a horrible way to handle a situation . Bro all of Sify will fight for you to be unbanned , you are out brother and we know you as a person and we know you would never scam and in fact you are the first person to help others ! this is so unjustified and should be fixed ASAP . a tip for the staff : don't get involved in a free market . if people are dumb enough to not look at the price of what they buy then it's their fault and they should be punished for it by losing on money . banning people for that is just idiotic.
  3. Sorry but WHAT ?? so basically your point is to encourage snipers who already take a risk by buying items\pokemon at the speed of light . if there is a certain item which is valued way over it's market price then it would rot in gtl until it runs out . by banning the seller you're basically just trying to protect snipers who should be careful with their money when they buy , especially at the speed that the buy items\pokemons . people should not buy items in 1 milisecond and instead take a minute to value and see if the item\pokemon is worth it . i my self experienced once selling an item for 100$ each and it was worth 1k$ each . it sold as soon as i clicked sell now and it was my fault for listing it that low but yet again it was MY FAULT . so instead of banning the Sellers maybe you need to leave the FREE MARKET , FREE ? doesn't matter which side you gonna ban it would make everything worse . people need to be careful for how much they sell and how much they buy . it's like going to the super market , if the customer sees an item that is way overprices then nobody would buy it and that would make Sellers more smart about how they price stuff . This ban is the most ridicilous thing i have ever seen in a game .
  4. Bro the event looks amazing , can't wait !!!
  5. Double Battle Event ! Hey guys we are gonna host a Double battle event on Saturday 5\06\2021 ! (5th of june 2021) The event will be held at 4pm IST israel time (might be changed) Use : https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ to check how it matches up with your time and we will change the time if needed in order to fit as many people as we can ! The rules are very simple , we gonna do a double battle format on tournament mode and just have fun , the winner takes 100k and the runner up takes 50k ! Host : DavidzRR
  6. Hey dude great guide , thanks for mentioning my breeding guide , i hope it can help alot of people ! :)
  7. Sify's Hunger games ! I know that the title is a bit dramatic but basically it's a catch and battle event ! Rules ! The rules are pretty basic , you will be gives 30 minutes max to catch a full team of pokemon you choose from the wild , you can not change their moveset or evs , the battle will be in form of tournament mode set to level 50. no held items are allowed either. you may catch pokemons from any place that you desire , no duplicate pokemons are allowed . Location ! The location is our Team Base , our team base is located near Lavaridge town and requires Secret Power tm in order to access it (you can get the tm right by the tree) Date and time ! The event will take place at 12/3/2021 Friday (12th of march 2021) at 5 PM IST (Israel time) Here's a tool to help you convert your local timezone to the team's hour : https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ Warning ! No sharing your stradegies or linking the pokemons that you catch while the event is undergoing . Prizes ! 1st prize : 1,000,000 $ Pokeyen 2nd prize (runner up) : 200,000$ Pokeyen or a 5x20+ natured pokemon of your caught team. More prizes could be added to the pool incase of a donation. Guests : MeetMew , Spxter . Questions ? If you have any question contact DavidzRR , Transendence , StormyS or Xythony .
  8. The event was so fun man , damn you Ashfall ! made it before me in a heartbeat -_-
  9. Hey guys in this week's event we gonna have an underwater event in Hoenn ! Catching Event ! This event gonna be a catching event ! Rules ! We all are given 1 hour to catch as many pokemons as we can , you can either submit your lowest IV total or your highest IV total , You can only submit ONE of them . After the 1 hour period ends , all of you would have 15 minutes to send your entry to me (DavidzRR). Location ! The location will take place in Sootopolis city which is located in the Hoenn Region ! What should i bring with me ? I'd recommend you to get a Smearge or a Breloom with the move False swipe and Spore , also you MUST have the HM "Dive" in order to participate in this event , you should either be aware if you are even allowed to use the HM . Date and Time ! The event gonna take place on Saturday 13\2\2021 at 3 PM IST (Israel time) Here's a tool to help you convert your local timezone to the team's hour : https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ Acceptable Entries ! You may submit anything that you catch underwater . Bonus Nature ! The Bonus natures are Adamant\Modest which both grant you plus 5 in your IV total . WARNING ! You are not allowed to link any of your entries until given permission to nor you're allowed to give a hint of how good you catch may be . Prizes ! 1st prize : 1,000,000$ Pokeyen 2nd prize : 500,000$ Pokeyen (Donated by : MeetMew) 3rd prize : 300,000$ Pokeyen 4th prize (Lowest IV) : 200,000$ Pokeyen (more prizes could be added incase of an Donation) Donations ! If you wish to donate for the event prize pool Contact DavidzRR . Questions ? If you have any question contact DavidzRR , Transendence , StormyS or Xythony . Permitted guests : MeetMew , Masterkeyys .
  10. Hey guys , i have made this thread to let everyone have a chance to speak their mind on what we can improve on stuff such as Events ideas , Forum related stuff , Discord server or anything that you have on your mind that can make our team even better , feel free to post on the comments so we could improve even further !
  11. Literally the BEST suggestion i have ever seen for a vanity , really liked it !!
  12. This is a MUST have in game !
  13. Totally reliable and great service , finished my request in literally 1-2 hour\s . I love it !
  14. Hey thanks alot i'm really glad that you liked it ! :)
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