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  1. Hey dude great guide , thanks for mentioning my breeding guide , i hope it can help alot of people ! :)
  2. Sify's Hunger games ! I know that the title is a bit dramatic but basically it's a catch and battle event ! Rules ! The rules are pretty basic , you will be gives 30 minutes max to catch a full team of pokemon you choose from the wild , you can not change their moveset or evs , the battle will be in form of tournament mode set to level 50. no held items are allowed either. you may catch pokemons from any place that you desire , no duplicate pokemons are allowed . Location ! The location is our Team Base , our team base is located near Lavaridge town
  3. The event was so fun man , damn you Ashfall ! made it before me in a heartbeat -_-
  4. Hey guys in this week's event we gonna have an underwater event in Hoenn ! Catching Event ! This event gonna be a catching event ! Rules ! We all are given 1 hour to catch as many pokemons as we can , you can either submit your lowest IV total or your highest IV total , You can only submit ONE of them . After the 1 hour period ends , all of you would have 15 minutes to send your entry to me (DavidzRR). Location ! The location will take place in Sootopolis city which is located in the Hoenn Region ! What should i bring with
  5. Hey guys , i have made this thread to let everyone have a chance to speak their mind on what we can improve on stuff such as Events ideas , Forum related stuff , Discord server or anything that you have on your mind that can make our team even better , feel free to post on the comments so we could improve even further !
  6. Literally the BEST suggestion i have ever seen for a vanity , really liked it !!
  7. This is a MUST have in game !
  8. Totally reliable and great service , finished my request in literally 1-2 hour\s . I love it !
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