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  1. I'm still learning codes, and basically I'm doing it through experiments, as soon as I can change it, I'll actuate the link
  2. Hello, I really like this bubble text, and if I change it to the default it will break a code and I will not fix it (I tried) but as a temporary solution I can put a darker bubble background from now on so that it is not complicated to read.
  3. this theme is inspired by the johto region, my first region when i started playing pokemon how to install a theme? It is easy // %appdata% > pokemmo > data > themes > and restard the game linkmega: https://mega.nz/file/p58RVQiK#u_GNcVVqBNAR6PHg9mW2qYGarkriNmz3XESsNJdhbuk:
  4. Hello, this theme is inspired by komala and blue / green colors and some cool colors Do not know how to install a theme? It is easy > %appdata% > pokemmo > data > themes > put the desired theme folder to use and restart your client link mega: https://mega.nz/file/R9d01IzJ#FMPgth3HgB_X3uPUzdu19oYvzICB-L14QuE7SXqx8E0
  5. hello the rar file you have to unzip it and you will have a folder . you have to enter the folder in ''themes'' if you don't know how to do it I'll guide you in your windos search engine put %appdata% > then you enter pokemmo > after you enter data > you go into '' themes '' and put the theme folder you downloaded restart your pokemmo client and you go to settings,> you give interface and where defeault says you click and choose the theme you just downloaded [ If you don't understand me, let me know, I'm using the translator since I don't speak English ] luck and I hope this explanation will help you
  6. No es que yo sea mod ni nada, pero ya que wallerito vuelva a estas alturas, es muy amm.. complicado creo :s dudo que lo dejen volver, a si sea en otra cuenta
  7. Hello!!!! this theme is inspired by torchic and warm colors, also with this theme the initials trilogy ended Do not know how to install a theme? It is easy > %appdata% > pokemmo > data > themes > the theme folder and restart your client and enjoy your theme :D link mega :https://mega.nz/file/I0UVyIaB#DbvfGJrOFLyAzJavEAg5JYlCopeBlTJbBIeg9eaax74
  8. hello Hello, I already fixed the problem, sorry I did not realize until I read your comment and I fixed it here I leave you the new link, I will update the post link :https://mega.nz/file/EsdDzQrT#u9RdLT78m3iQJ3sWwmq2VFXY2uGGAZioxVbfl-H8h5U
  9. Hello!!!! this theme is inspired by mudkip, it is my second complete theme. The theme is focused on mudkip and blue and cold colors Do not know how to install a theme? It is easy %appdata% > pokemmo > data > themes > theme folder and restart the client!!!! [all cursors are personalized ] link mega : https://mega.nz/file/04ER3ITQ#CkOQND-YUzQEvOn8Kdz2f2FWudkW075-InRY8rlg6V8
  10. ¡¡¡¡¡Hola!!!!! Este tema está inspirado en el color verde, y Treecko es uno de mis Pokémon favoritos. Este es el primer tema que hago con todo lo editado. Creo que ha mejorado mucho desde que empecé. Espero que te guste. (Lo siento si no me entiendes, no hablo bien inglés : D ) ¿No sabes cómo poner un tema? Es fácil% appdata%> pokemmo> datos> temas> poner la carpeta de temas y reiniciar su cliente. !!! todos los cursores son personalizados :) enlace mega : https://mega.nz/file/EsdDzQrT#u9RdLT78m3iQJ3sWwmq2VFXY2uGGAZioxVbfl-H8h5U
  11. Hello everyone, I have created a new '' theme '' called '' Cold Colors '' it is a theme inspired by light / dark cold colors This is my second project in the community and I think that any criticism is welcome :D I am still in the learning phase, there are things that I have not learned, but when I master them I promise to update this theme and the link <2 Do not know how to install a theme? it's easy,% appdata%> pokemmo> data> themes> theme folder and you will open and enjoy a new experience :D link mega : https://mega.nz/file/g0MyHCaD#PrBETbLMBOd60njnq7EZDpoj2nAu7FslXgKHD88O7Y0 link mega:
  12. I'ts goOD <3 ,flawmkoajr
  13. Hello!!! I will try to do more, improve them and increase the quality of what I can offer, I want to improve the themes, thanks !!!
  14. Hello!!! this theme is simple it is the first one i do :) (it is the first '' theme '' i do, improve it soon but for now it will be simple) All cursors are also personalized Do not know how to put the theme in your game? It is easy !!! go to the pokemmo folder> data> themes> put the Simple purple folder AND restart your game !!! to see the changes made !!! link mega : https://mega.nz/file/Ups23QZR#ulBcJ2E33tFHPDu6fLDwtTev0jkQEon7AT0qrCD0LkY
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