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  1. Hi, I am a gamer who joined mmo in 2012 Haven't been in 7 years, I always liked this game and went back about 1 year ago. I always see updates and wonder, is there a timeline on how many events? or important events in mmo? an example of this would be '' the recent update of the pvp and elo I am interested in knowing what happened in an important way in mmo since 2012, I tried to search the forum but at the moment I only cover until 2013 if someone has an event or date put it in the post Español Hola, soy un jugador que se unió
  2. Hello cold colors was my first one of my first themes here I leave the updated version of this theme I hope you like it ♥ link mega : https://mega.nz/file/8gU0kRSK#lxGL_s5ClJFEMfD0kvxG4h7pBSyqDaV2dCcC6_5fuaY how to install ? It is easy > %appdata% > pokemmo > data > themes > and copy the theme cold colors ♥ ○player card: ○Poke Card ○Offline or afk ○Pc ○Battle
  3. https://mega.nz/file/Q4FzBAKI#TTlk3NW77ShXo3a6UA1NQmxMteW1v5PCwJqv79LfIAM ♥ https://mega.nz/file/Q4FzBAKI#TTlk3NW77ShXo3a6UA1NQmxMteW1v5PCwJqv79LfIAM sorry ♥ xd
  4. Hola este tema está inspirado en vaporwave y cultura retro cómo instalar ? Es fácil % appdata% > Pokemmo> datos> temas> y pega la carpeta del tema ♥ Link mega: https://mega.nz/file/Q4FzBAKI#TTlk3NW77ShXo3a6UA1NQmxMteW1v5PCwJqv79LfIAM Tarjeta de jugador Ordenador personal Antecedentes Tarjeta de empuje
  5. Hello <3 This theme is created for the [FPS] team This theme is created for the 5 month of the team, I wanted to thank all the players who have joined and those who may join in the future I have met many people with this topic I wanted to give them this gift <3 (The theme will be left public authorized by the team leader, we want more people to take this inspiration and make their themes for their team <3) 08/16/20 happy birthday FPS ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  6. I'm still learning codes, and basically I'm doing it through experiments, as soon as I can change it, I'll actuate the link
  7. Hello, I really like this bubble text, and if I change it to the default it will break a code and I will not fix it (I tried) but as a temporary solution I can put a darker bubble background from now on so that it is not complicated to read.
  8. this theme is inspired by the johto region, my first region when i started playing pokemon how to install a theme? It is easy // %appdata% > pokemmo > data > themes > and restard the game linkmega: https://mega.nz/file/p58RVQiK#u_GNcVVqBNAR6PHg9mW2qYGarkriNmz3XESsNJdhbuk:
  9. Hello, this theme is inspired by komala and blue / green colors and some cool colors Do not know how to install a theme? It is easy > %appdata% > pokemmo > data > themes > put the desired theme folder to use and restart your client link mega: https://mega.nz/file/R9d01IzJ#FMPgth3HgB_X3uPUzdu19oYvzICB-L14QuE7SXqx8E0
  10. hello the rar file you have to unzip it and you will have a folder . you have to enter the folder in ''themes'' if you don't know how to do it I'll guide you in your windos search engine put %appdata% > then you enter pokemmo > after you enter data > you go into '' themes '' and put the theme folder you downloaded restart your pokemmo client and you go to settings,> you give interface and where defeault says you click and choose the theme you just downloaded [ If you don't understand me, let me know, I'm using the tra
  11. No es que yo sea mod ni nada, pero ya que wallerito vuelva a estas alturas, es muy amm.. complicado creo :s dudo que lo dejen volver, a si sea en otra cuenta
  12. Hello!!!! this theme is inspired by torchic and warm colors, also with this theme the initials trilogy ended Do not know how to install a theme? It is easy > %appdata% > pokemmo > data > themes > the theme folder and restart your client and enjoy your theme :D link mega :https://mega.nz/file/I0UVyIaB#DbvfGJrOFLyAzJavEAg5JYlCopeBlTJbBIeg9eaax74
  13. hello Hello, I already fixed the problem, sorry I did not realize until I read your comment and I fixed it here I leave you the new link, I will update the post link :https://mega.nz/file/EsdDzQrT#u9RdLT78m3iQJ3sWwmq2VFXY2uGGAZioxVbfl-H8h5U
  14. Hello!!!! this theme is inspired by mudkip, it is my second complete theme. The theme is focused on mudkip and blue and cold colors Do not know how to install a theme? It is easy %appdata% > pokemmo > data > themes > theme folder and restart the client!!!! [all cursors are personalized ] link mega : https://mega.nz/file/04ER3ITQ#CkOQND-YUzQEvOn8Kdz2f2FWudkW075-InRY8rlg6V8
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