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  1. Well, everything good is made to wait, right?
  2. Out of curiosity, how long does it take for administrators to respond?
  3. I want to ask, in the event that I have evidence about a high-ranking staff member abusing his power, where can I report it? I can run the risk that the member in question attempts against this and wanted to ask before turning on the subject
  4. Thank you very much for your comment ❤️
  5. Thank you very much for your opinion ❤️ , I really know that I can improve many things both in the themes and in my competitive game, enix always support me and really, for me doing this is the least I can do for a great team ♥ In addition to advertising the team, it also gives a small view of the likes, memes, and personalities that you find in the team. I find it strange that no other team has public themes, they are a great way to get known and contribute to the community ♥
  6. ENIX - FIRE NEST This theme was made in honor of the Enix team, and with the purpose of making it known that the door to enter enix is open The theme has some small references that you will only understand if you join the team, I hope that one day you can be part of the enix flame and burn with us. ****How to install a theme? too easy*** %appdata% > pokemmo > data > themes > Unzip and put the theme folder. link mega: https://mega.nz/file/M50jyALT#ZmxPiXywua4itsdhe0xKW_7_Fi8yMlnC54gxjif4zDg -Login screen -trainer card -poke card -pc -pvp / pve -AFK Symbol '' The flame of the phoenix is always on Is always giving warmth to new people Anyone who wants to join that flame and can show that it can burn like the sun, is worthy of being part of the phoenix '' -Do you want to enter enix? I leave you this post so you can enter, I wish you luck and that the heat of enix accompany you on your way :
  7. Normally when having a project as big as pokemmo there are always ideas that are never implemented in the end, or it was never feasible to implement it, just out of curiosity, can any AAdministrators / sgm left us an example?(of course only if you are allowed to say so) this is merely curiosity.
  8. Obviously it is basic information that the players need, so we could improve many aspects of the farm mode with the poke balls, I do not think they will do a '' terrible job '' if pokemmo is still here, and we are discussing about this, it is because their work going fine, they just missed something like this, that's all. Obviously in the future it is necessary for them to add it, or depending on the citation not, but saying things like that will not give an answer to the problem.
  9. Hello everyone, this is the last topic to be published, officially I am retiring from making themes If in the future you want to update the theme, go ahead I have no problem ♥ I hope with all my heart you like the theme ♥ att Crueldad. How to download activate the theme? It is easy! Download the theme> % appdata%> pokemmo> data> themes> and put the theme folder Link : https://mega.nz/file/RptT2IRY#V8qrFAI9UEA4xAusUmqJVIq7lUqzmLcw3Wa4MQTFxeo *starting screen: *Poke card: *GLT: *PvP interface *pokecard *Afk symbol
  10. ☼Introduccion ☼ - Hello all friends of pokemmo ❤️ This theme is created to recommend a type of reward either, vanity or shiny pokemon for certain events ☼Development☼ the ranking prizes in your given tier or a prize for the world team competition ☼Examples☼ the world team competition : You could create a cape or suit inspired by the colors of the winning team or inspired by the respective team tag the ranking prizes : To vary the cosmetic of the tier, the 3 most used pokemon in each tier could be used as inspiration ☼Counterproduction☼ Obviously, we cannot recommend that you join or add something, without seeing what it would imply when applying it So with its respective recommendation, try to see what can be counterproductive so that it is taken into account both in the good and in the bad. ☼Example☼ Cosmetics : Making cosmetics is not a bad idea, but when making a cosmetic we talk about designing in pixels for pokemmo and depending on the idea, designers may like it or seem very laborious ☼Notes☼ -Try to give a constructive and innovative idea regarding the rewards We are a community of many people and every thing that they recommend to put the best in the future, the developers want to implement it -Do not think destructive or toxic things, as it will only give a bad view of what it could be or contribute for the future.
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