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  1. [Tournament] Unleash the Random Battles! (Friday, September 24th)
  2. [Catching] A Phoenix Always Rises Again (Friday, September 17th)
  3. [Catching] Magma v Aqua | Season 8 (Sunday, 12th September) Reactions in Event: First Clause: Second Clause: Third Clause:
  4. First Clause: Team Magma wins! 1st Place [Aqua]Etoshimura with a 151 IV Adamant Panpour 2nd Place [Magma]RyuGasai with a 153 IV Relaxed Panpour 3rd Place [Magma]PKTKalseru with a 152 IV Naughty Pansage 4th Place [Aqua]Complutum with a 143 IV Naive Pansage 5th Place [Magma]SebbyKunn & [Magma]KarenGotBack with a 140 IV Serious Panpour and a 140 IV Lonely Panpour respectively Second Clause: Team Aqua wins! Team Magma: 0 point Earned Points: 6 points SebbyKunnn: 1, Nethatar: 1, RyuGasai: 1 Counter Points: 8 points PKTKalseru: 3, Nethatar: 2, RexRuin: 1, RyuGasai: 2 Team Aqua: 6 points Earned Points: 14 points ICEJAEGER: 1, Complutum: 1, Atlewis: 2, AvaRuta: 2, Alysstraza: 1 Counter Points: 6 points Alysstraza: 1, Lenonino: 2, Etoshimura: 2, LunaDarkrose: 1 Third Clause: Team Magma wins! Team Magma: 36 points Curseman: 7, SebbyKunnn: 7, PKTKalseru: 4, Nethatar: 2, RyuGasai: 12, KarenGotBack: 4 Team Aqua: 27 points MightyLax: 5, ICEJAEGER: 4, Complutum: 2, Atlewis: 2, AvaRuta: 6, Alysstraza: 3, Lenonino: 1, Etoshimura: 3, LunaDarkrose: 1 Note: ShineE = MvA*Curse2
  5. [UU] Mintacular-returns! (Saturday, 11th September)
  6. [Catching]The Girl with the Dragon Swablu (Friday, 10th September)
  7. [Doubles] Dergger's Double Danger! (Thursday, 9th Sep)
  8. [Catching] The Top Percentage of Lab Rats (Sunday, 5th Sep)
  9. Time to post a shiny pheno and say it's from EV training
  10. [Catching] Resident Beetle: Biohazard (Friday, 3rd Sep)
  11. What do you think could be a common question that you keep seeing on the Global Chat? Please report and elaborate to help new players get used to game easily!
  12. Morimoto and Cynthia have same cooldown like gym leaders, so they shouldnt be listed in Trainer Rematch but Gym Rematch instead
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