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  1. Just A Normal Catch Event™ (This event is for in-game Team Mr members only) Date Saturday, 10th April (for everyone west of UTC: North/South America) Sunday, 11th April (for everyone east of UTC: Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia) Time 9pm EDT (10 Apr) | 1:00 UTC (11 Apr) Time Zone Converter Location Kanto Safari Zone, Ch 1 Entrance Area Duration 1 hour for catching + an additional 10 minutes to submit Scoring Total Sum of IVs + Species Bonus = Total Score Pokémon accepted as va
  2. Shiny breeding also costs way more than 600k and tournament prizes are usually shiny, so even if they were breedable, this is a good suggestion
  3. You can also buy various hairs from the gift shop itself
  4. I- actually sure yeah I'm okay with this
  5. I just wanna share what I have with the world
  6. Ok hear me out: a 30-day charm available in the Gift Shop that halves the user's shiny chances, for those who like a challenge or are tired of being lucky. Shinies caught with this charm can have a double star icon plus a cooler particle effect, for the flex. I swear it's a great idea, really, think about it. (To clear it up: half of 1/30k is 1/60k)
  7. Not if it would kill them, I've seen people get the popup for using moves that would KO single encounter shinies or even non-AOE moves targeted at the shiny that would otherwise KO
  8. Heyo! 4th mushroom, caught exactly a year after my first shroom!!! 38,630 encounters :D
  9. Think you just need to adjust your monitor's graphic settings
  10. Staff so far has only said it was bug fixes, but they're probably getting too many whispers to go into specifics for everyone. And since there hasn't been an official post yet, has anyone noticed anything about the event now vs before?
  11. Wild butterfree, venomoth, masquerain and the volcarona in relic castle can hold silverpowder. Not sure if the volc respawns though. Unfortunately, some items can only be farmed in singles, good luck haha (unless there's a mon that holds it I didn't see in the dex) There's also a silverpowder you can pick up in Berry Forest, Eterna Forest and Pinwheel forest
  12. We question everything in 2021, including whether the shiny rate really is fair.
  13. The joke is that tomorrow is a relative term, so tomorrow is always "the day after today" :") And the PokeMMO community loves dragging jokes on for years.
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