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  1. Wild butterfree, venomoth, masquerain and the volcarona in relic castle can hold silverpowder. Not sure if the volc respawns though. Unfortunately, some items can only be farmed in singles, good luck haha (unless there's a mon that holds it I didn't see in the dex) There's also a silverpowder you can pick up in Berry Forest, Eterna Forest and Pinwheel forest
  2. We question everything in 2021, including whether the shiny rate really is fair.
  3. The joke is that tomorrow is a relative term, so tomorrow is always "the day after today" :") And the PokeMMO community loves dragging jokes on for years.
  4. Your previous encounters nor anything other than the encounter itself (and shiny chance boosters) affect an individual pokemon's chance of being shiny. Chaining a species doesn't work here. Good luck and remember: SRIF!
  5. You don't know that. It's not impossible but it'd be a lot of work and it'd have to actively be worked on for (I'd assume) a shit ton of years. If a 3DS region ever does happen I doubt it'll be anytime within a few years of its announcement. Did you mean hidden abilities? Cause Soon™
  6. Ok we get it, that was a great new year's prank. Can we have LC back yet? I finally finished all the LC mons I wanted before I started playing the tier ;-;
  7. Just gimme event swarms so there's something worth doing over Christmas
  8. Yeah especially when good drops are at a stupid low rate. That's bs. Are we supposed to have fun at this event or hate it lol, cause it's not worth playing for the prizes since it's super unlikely you'll get them in under a shit ton of boxes, which you won't even get now.
  9. It's fun (jk imagine having fun) going up to boss 2 and worth the payout imo (3 parts on avg. and 12 presents). Not worth it beyond that. But if people have fun with it, heck yeah. It just bothers me that there's a limited number of AoE strats beyond boss 2 and even then it's mostly RNG that decides if you win in one turn or get stuck in an endless AoE cycle.
  10. It's pretty easy with the right set of 4 elfbots. There's a few of those. Though beyond the 2nd boss it's not worth even trying, imo. But people do it and it can be fun ig.
  11. Yeah it's pretty annoying, pretty much have to KO them first turn and that too depends on the combo you're facing. Otherwise, unless you have AoE moves or one of them survives with 1HP it's a constant cycle of aggressive SOS calls till you die. Unless there's a way to prevent SOS calling which I doubt.
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