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  1. Have you ever hunted a shiny? Like looking hordes for weeks and counting all encounters. In a shiny hunt you only lose the shiny if you give up the shiny hunt (hi safari zone o/) Try this bro, If you really want shiny do it right that good results will come. McTermi is a noisy krankenwagen
  2. 31th OT Team [Mr] vai Brasil We are all Krankenwagens
  3. 31th OT Team [Mr] vai Brasil Mr Pibb is a fool
  4. Genius! Soo creative in theme and prizes, eager to participate
  5. Thank you for the help! This post about item Dex will be very useful. Thanks again
  6. Fantastic. Thats exactly what i was looking for: a sustainable and inexpensive way to get this seeds. Thank you very much for the knowledge and explanation.
  7. Hello guys, im new in this seed/berry world and i want to know how to farm this seed (Very Spicy Seed). I intend to plant Leppa, but i dont think its viable to buy this seed. How i farm this seed? payday/pickup(Route)? Harvesting tool (which berry)? Planting/Harvest system? Thanks for help!
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