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  1. An hour ago i enter to the game and says thag i need a update of 1.1mb when i download the update and try to install put me that the apk file cant be installed
  2. If i whant participate.. were i talk?
  3. Thanks a lot for the info.
  4. That means that if the egg were causally shiny, it would have OT Lamsakr * or put Unknown?
  5. A question that worries me is knowing if I am using pokemons of which I am not the original trainer when searching for a shiny using the breed method (that is, by eggs). When the shiny appears, will he come out with an unknown OT? Una duda q me inquieta es saber si a la hora de buscar un shiny mediante el metodo de breed (o sea por huevos) si utilizo pokemons de los cuales no soy el entrenador original.. cuando aparezca el shiny en cuestion saldrá con OT desconocido?
  6. And the item/pokemon/money etc will be returned to the owner?
  7. But this only means that the administrators have the right to suspend your account without reason ... and do not misunderstand the theft is wrong and it seems to me something of very bad taste .. but as a player I feel strange to see that a user is punished by a rule that does not exist
  8. What happens is that I have always felt protected by the laws of the server and I had never worried about being robbed / scammed but last night a member of my team had a poke stolen and he still has not recovered it, which makes me wonder how they can capture a player who commits these actions .. since most of us do not expect to be victims of this type of actions and we became easy victims
  9. I have a somewhat urgent question and that is that according to I understood the theft in Pokemmo was penalized with permanent ban .. but I was reading the rules of the game and nowhere given anything related to the theft between players .. and I need to know how illegal this is action since they normally varied me shielded by the law since they * cannot rob me * but I fear that it is only a formalism and not a written rule.
  10. Thanks is that there are many myths spread like 1 you cannot leave the game or the count is restarted 2 depending on the weather there is greater probability 3 a pokemon with lighting increases the probability that the hordes are shinys 4 it is easier to get it through eggs Etc Etc Etc And you get to the point of not knowing what is true or false
  11. So te feature of counter dont work either in this game? For example: I capture only woopers in the same area... the chanse of a shiny increases??
  12. Buenas, soy un jugador de Cuba y tengo una duda, a ver mi problema es que estoy buscando algunos pokemon en su forma shinny y según he escuchado la probabilidad la tienen de 1 en 30 000, tengo unas preguntas que hacerle a los que me puedan ayudar si no les es molestia. 1- ¿Con cuantos jugadores puedo hacer link al mismo tiempo para aumentar mi probabilidad de encontrar uno en 5% con el amuleto variocolor? 2- ¿Existe aún el objeto poke radar? Es que intenté buscarlo en el mercado y nadie lo estaba vendiendo. 3- Si existiera me gustaría saber todas las formas de obtenerlo y usarlo en pokemmo para buscar shinny es que como aquí han cambiado varias cosas es complicado saber si lo quitaron o le cambiaron el efecto a este objeto . Well, I am a player from Cuba and I have a doubt, to see my problem is that I am looking for some pokemon in their shinny form and according to I have heard the probability they have it 1 in 30 000, I have some questions to ask those who can help if they are not bothered. 1- How many players can I link to at the same time to increase my probability of finding one by 5% with the variocolor amulet? 2- Does the poke radar object still exist? It's that I tried to find it in the market and nobody was selling it. 3- If it existed I would like to know all the ways to obtain it and use it in pokemmo to search for shinny is that since several things have changed here it is difficult to know if they removed or changed the effect of this object.
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