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  1. I did some reading and apparently they nerfed the crit ratio. So perhaps it's not Baton Pass but just crit itself? Anyways my Kingdra just did two hits in a row without critting, after getting baton passed Focus Enerby... But some games it will crit 5x in a row. Both time after being Baton Passed. It seems like it doesn't always work. Any mod will take a look.?
  2. Hi, I was told that Focus Energy was passable by Baton Pass in PvP, but I was disappointed to see that my Umbreon (that I just bought for 800k for that purpose...) could not pass Focus Energy to my Sniper Kingdra. Is this intended or a bug? Any update? No one seems to be aware. Any mods can clarify? Thank you :) crBox ~
  3. That is absolutely on point. So far im switching to ferrothorn vs volt switxh jolteon, which isnt optimal. Magnezone is a nightmare. Any idea which mon I should swap out?
  4. Hey, I feel like I have limited knowledge in the competitive scene. I’d love some input on what to change on my team. Or perhaps it’s good like that? Not sure. Been having o.k. success so far So here’s my team: Togekiss, timid + scarf airslash flamethrower + 2 filler moves i almost never use milotic, physically defensive with flame orb scald ice beam recover toxic Ferrothorn, leftovers power whip gyro ball stealth rocks thunder wave salamence, adamant leftovers ddance dragon claw brick break aerial ace Scizor leftovers swords dance bullet punch bug bite superpower chandelure (this one i swap more often) life orb fireblast energy ball psychic shadow ball
  5. Thank you for such an amazing, in-depth, insightful answer, really amazing. I was kind of in a rush to try this out so I built this before I saw your answer, which happens to not work out as well as my previous comp (which I realize now was pretty good). So I mixed both of them and I'd like your input, here's my thought process: Hydreigon Jellicent Ferrothorn Conkeldurr Tyranitar Excadrill now this is my first attempts at building teams. I've never played pokemon competitively so I'm really open to all input guys. I did, however, compete in Starcraft 2 and Starcraft Brood War and understand basic strategy in games of all kinds. Reasons why it's not currently working: Lot of physical walls that counter ttar, that I don't have an answer. Fighting OWNS me, as you pointed in your post. Yeah Ferrothorn is AWESOME and with leech seed, can win forced 1v1 scenarios like no other, but you have to take care of those pesky fire moves or strong fighting STABs first. Weirdly enough, U-turn and Aquat Jet, or even Bullet Punch has given me lots of trouble. Basically any priority move. I got farmed by a Cloyster Shell Smash with the item that lets it prevent 1hko. Actually a nice build I might copy. So Ice, Fighting, and just lack of damage mitigation / redirect / absorb brought me to Jellicent. I actually bred a Reuniclus and tried to run taht and, although the Pokemon is amazing, it didn't fit. Perhaps I should replace (my far than perfect IV) Conk for something else? Maybe Jellicent for Slowbro and conk for Chandelure or Gengar? I kind of like Chandelure but I read he's impaired by the sand storm. Any thoughts moving forward?
  6. Hi, I'd like to build a sand team. Also, here is my CURRENT team (first attempt) Hydreigon, Ferrothorn, Jellicent, Conkeldurr, Volcarona and Salamence. I would like to keep Ferrothorn, Hydreigon, and POSSIBLY Conkeldurr in my sand team, although really the ONLY one I would absolutely keep is Hydreigon. I was thinking Tyranitar, Excadrill (use of sandstorm), Hydreigon, Conkeldur, Ferrothorn + 1, but I feel like using Ttar and Excadrill is awkward as they share weaknesses. What do you guys think? As much feedback as possible would be appreciated as I really would like to learn as much as possible :) Thanks, crbox ~
  7. Hey, Started Unova today, I'm at E4 now, my team goes as follows: Arcanine (phys) Fire blitz Extremespeed Outrage Crunch Magnezone Discharge (or TB) Flash Cannon Reflect Light screen Kingdra (special) Surf Icebeam Agility Dragon Pulse Scrafty Hi Jump Kick Crunch Bulk Up Facade Espion Shadow Ball Psychic Calm Mind Baton Pass Flygon (physical) Earthquake Crunch Dragon Claw Aerial Ace Thinking about replacing maybe Scrafty. Thinking Ghost but at the same time not sure if I need and what I need in general. Maybe something tanky. Also I have nothing to baton pass that Calm Mind (Magne isnt the best at receiving it cause he's pretty slow no?) Thoughts are appreciated crbox
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