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  1. WTB ditto Adamant 27/31/27/x/27/x or 27/x/27/x/27/31 Or similar Pm me on discord: PizzaConUwU#3464
  2. 100k-1m chile win week 3 100k-1m africa win week 3 void if tie idc about subs
  3. Group A ───────── Rest of Europe [0] vs [0] Cuba OU1: Alitizz vs lachidrago OU2: Repposh vs ZeroGamerOO @joaogrilo NU2: RAVAEL vs xZorOxHunter DB: Crible vs Lactosoid ───────── Rest of Asia [0] vs [0] Argentina OU1: lmtrnghia vs Zhiko NU1: SweeTforU vs Sejuani LC: Deploic vs Filantropia ───────── Rest of America [0] vs [0] Africa OU1: moozo vs Lunarck OU2: Brayanmatows vs Tawla UU1: DevilMephisto vs PoseidonWrath UU2: sonickevinmp vs Jaawax NU1: Takens vs Kanicula LC: SebastianRVM vs TheDH @joaogrilo ───────── Group B ───────── Philippines AdoBoiz [0] vs [0] Brazil OU1: xNecrolyte vs Elvessss NU1: Oorange vs Deadwind NU2: Raylux vs Kaarnaa DB: RedXJunvil vs Jhowteon LC: ArvyCVS vs PedroLindoUnico ───────── Venezuela Arepera [0] vs [0] West Europe OU1: Clayclover vs Endiii 100k-300k UU2: Zennen vs QuinnW 100k-500k Venezuela Criolla [0] vs [0] USA UU1: TezcatYT vs xSparkie DB: BlackAlaniz vs NuzIocked LC: eljeancha vs AwaLLz ───────── Group C ───────── Madagascar [0] vs [0] Portugal OU2: AngelEverGarden vs Pachima UU1: Loduc vs LifeStyle LC: Toutoun vs Sintatic ───────── Germany [0] vs [0] Chile UU2: Pottina vs DylanWoodz NU2: LynxLowMan vs Mendeez LC: SteveDerBaum vs WarwitoX ───────── Group D ───────── Rest of Latam [0] vs [0] Colombia UU1: Urquidi vs Jeresteve NU1: Haazuu vs Enchanteur NU2: InuYashaL vs Heeyder LC: YEYOxD vs xWhinkz ───────── Spain [0] vs [0] Philippines SiniGang UU2:Pablobacas vs QueenDinz NU1: ChronoRike vs BossJakePH NU2: JasonSparrowX vs GhostWalk DB: Smbee vs noomuch ───────── Bold 100k
  4. https://pokepast.es/ee8124fbee786e44 Screens, why ban king's rock?? Possible changes: Cloyster razor Shell -->rock blast Scizor sand tomb ---> Bug bite Chandelure energy ball---> Flametrowher I'm going to win this competition, i'm sorry for the other participants
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