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  1. They do tournaments at hours too favorable for latam, being the majority of tournaments at 8 am Argentina (thanks google traductor)
  2. sad moment #SaveLC Thanks Host for not making this 128 seeds
  3. En todo tipo de pokemon puede salirte un pokemon perfecto o shiny
  4. Sorry for this post so unnecessary, but I need to know where chinchou appears by hordes as it says underwater but not the exact location. It would be of great help, thanks.
  5. Team Name: BlueRevolution Team Tag: blüe Registered Players: luistrujilloo-PleicerTwo-LeninGonzalo-vvictorperron-PizzaConewe-DilanHero Team Captain: luistrujilloo
  6. How much a tyogue 2x31 3x27, and 2x31 3x25?
  7. Team name: xD Registered players: Tzunder, DavidRay, PizzaConewe
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