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  1. Hi, how can i get tm shadow ball in Kanto? It isn't available in Rocket game corner
  2. Yeah yeah i know the walkthrough but can i use him in my team? Cause as far as i know i can't use legendaries in my team in pokemmo. For example Zekrom in Unova
  3. Hi, can i catch him on route 12 and use in my team?(look at the photo) Thanks
  4. Got it, thanks!
  5. Ok and is there pokemon doubles comp series in the game, i mean 2 pkm vs 2 pkm?
  6. Just thought the same
  7. Ok, i suppose it's the same about IVs Thanks Ok got these, thanks
  8. Hi, is there any way to catch pokemon with the right nature? Or i just need to hope that I'm lucky? Thanks
  9. Hi, could someone say me is it worth to train pokemons for vs battles? And is 2 pokemons vs 2 pokemons battles between players available in the game?
  10. One more, if i have for example route 12 in Unova and want to know which pokemons habitate there is there any way to do?
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