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  1. yo I know whats been missing we need a maffia turtwig
  2. Looking to price check this shiny tentacool I know it sounds wierd however there's a catch: it's from 2012 I am looking to sell it. feel free to shoot me offers
  3. Congratulations to the winners 1st place: @OrangeManiac 2nd place: @Imperial 3rd place: @Kizhaz Bracket
  4. Details Single Battle 6v6 Untiered Double Elimination Time: Sunday ,April 18th 6PM UTC Time Zone Converter Location: In front of GTS (Jubilife) Channel 3 Explanation of Untiered: What if my opponent bring a tiered pokemon: in case of somebody bringing a "tiered" pokemon the pokemon in question must be swapped and only that pokemon however the other player is allowed 5 minutes to make changes to their team. 1st place prize: Armaldo 2nd place prize:
  5. 1st place: Mehagony 2nd place: Pinkwings 3rd place: Aikoss
  6. A little sneakpeak of things to come.

    Final] - Grumpig | Pokémon Online


  7. All done sorry it took a bit longer I experimented with the background and the sprite for a bit hope you like it
  8. Imagine if you wil: You a player who got burnt out from OU so you want to branch out into UU, NU or even Dubs. You make the perfect team you have everything you need. You sign up only to realize you just missed the round "This is fine you think to yourself just wait 2 minutes and you'll get a match but after you wait the 2 minutes you get the dreaded message: "Matchmaking: No suitable match could be find this round." so you wait another 2 minutes and again: "Matchmaking: No suitable match could be find this round." and again and again this can go on for 30 minutes at times. You give up "guess
  9. hear me out here:

    Bulky Adamant fraxure with eviolite and swords dance

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor fraxure

  10. Hear me out:

    Scarf trick disable kadabra

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor kadabra p

    1. BaliAds


      we've never seen genius like this before

    2. Mehagony


      I'm more interested where you found that LEGO kadabra honestly.


  11. Team Name: Optic Team Tag: [OpTc] Registered Players: Thinknicer, Dindra, Incognition, OddishSprout, Ploegy Team Captain: Pinkwings
  12. Congratulation to the winners 1st: OrangeManiac 2nd: Ploegy 3rd: MonkeyDMathew Secret price: The secret price was 1K rp for anyone who was able to find a shiny during the event and yes we have a winner for that: DINDRA
  13. https://challonge.com/nl/583h5v6t
  14. Congrats to the winners: 1st: Ploegy 2nd: Kizhaz 3rd: WolfoxGlace
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