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  1. Price check Lax nature Ty
  2. Discounted ticket prices soon? :p
  3. Wondering how useful Wish really is within the team and if I'd be better going for Softboiled as all other members of the team have a healing move if I give Hydreigon Roost. If I was to get rid of Wish I guess I could get rid of Protect, is Aromatherapy very helpful to run in place of Protect if I switch from Wish to Softboiled? Thinking I will take the advice on Hydreigon and change that up in some way at least.
  4. I really appreciate all the feedback, I'm really enjoying putting together a team. I have switched out Aromatherapy for Protect on Blissey and also Psychic for Psyshock on Reuni. I've had the comments about the team being slow before and it's something I need to address. I have began breeding a bulky spinner Starmie, but that's mostly because I've always wanted to breed one and it may not end up in the final slot anyway. I will take on board everything that's been said in this thread and consider my options. Probably start getting some battles in to get a fe
  5. Thanks for the advice. I had never really considered a ghost type before. I'm looking at Gengar and I'm definitely considering it.
  6. Hello, this is my first time building a competitive team in any Pokemon game. So far I've breed the following Pokemon and I'm looking for advice on the final slot. I'm also up for any guidance or areas of improvement that can be made in the team, I'm not against replacing some of the Pokemon I've already breed if it improves the effectiveness of the team overall. Hydreigon Nature: Modest EVs: 252 Speed / 252 Special Attack / 6 Special Defence IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31 Item: Life Orb Ability: Levitate Dragon Pulse Dark Pulse Flamethro
  7. Agreed, I try attend every event I can, especially the team ones, just struggle for time sometimes.
  8. Is the trading hub still active? When I attempt to message the account it says it no longer exists.
  9. Thanks, that's a good tip. I have my PP maxed Sweet Scene Smeagle so I'll take that with me.
  10. I seem to recall in the original games there was a trick you could perform in the Safari Zone as to not use your remaining steps by simply turning on the spot rather than walking/running around in the grass. This would still generate wild encounters and you could stay there until you'd ran out of balls. I'm about to start Chansey hunting and I can see the $500 adding up. Anyone know if this trick/workaround is still present in PokeMMO or have they worked it out?
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