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  1. Anyway i just wanted to add I never attacked your person but you did it to mine when i warned, you long after and even here. You called me racist because i asked "why some noob is again talking in other language" after calling me racist i answered "never!" "I love every creature on this planet" and your answer was "good they dont love you back" think about it who should grown up
  2. "Firstly, We dont have our category of our language." - there is category "other" and you can speak at whisper as well third option create group fourth if they were your REAL friends why write in game chat but not talking on some app lol "Second, our 2nd language is English so that is the closest." - thats not a reason to use english chat in other language "Third, we're not bothering anyone. Theres like a few people in that channel too. If were actually bothering you, why not switch?" - im not talking only about you from yesterday i met 1
  3. I appeal for adding a rule about chat. - You can speak only in language related to chat channel. today i was so angry.. After my warnings nothing change i was even called racist for that -.- 6 people still wanted talk to each other in their language.. no respect to others. ENG chat isnt made for speaking only in english? like in others, when you join chinese chat you wont speak french there right? people like them should be punished if they dont understand purpose of existing other languages chats. Its like hey lets join english channel to spam in our langua
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