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  1. You can grow the EV berries (Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Grepa, Tamato, Hondew) or use the GTL and buy them. All EV berries take 44 hours to grow. There is a berry guide, but here are the combinations for farming. Pomeg: 1x plain bitter, 1x plain spicy, 1x very spicy Kelpsy: 1x plain sour, 1x plain dry, 1x very dry Qualot: 1x plain spicy, 1x plain sweet, 1x very sweet Grepa: 1x plain sweet, 1x plain sour, 1x very sour Tamato: 1x plain dry, 1x plain spicy, 1x very spicy Hondew: 1x plain dry, 1x plain bitter, 1x very bitter Here is the guide:
  2. Hi everybody! I've been playing Pokemmo for a little bit but never used the forums nor do an introduction. I've started playing through Unova (favorite region) and I'm now at Mistralton. Just wanted to hi to the community. IGN: MoonSalt
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