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  1. I understand this but still find it nonsensical to ban things that are, at their core, "noob strategies" which cant reliably work within a match let alone a set and let alone a tournament. I'm not saying Smogon is perfect but I think they generally have good reasoning for the brunt of their decisions. I also think its part of the learning and bettering process of the players in the game to learn that relying on luck won't get them far and that bad gimmicks are also not gonna get them wins outside of "perfect storm" circumstances. It won't affect me personally (outside of being sort of sad at the loss of the fling kings rock gimmick) because relying on luck is still bad no matter what, but it does feel unnecessary.
  2. This is one thing that I don't understand from PokeMMO competitive, for example like banning items like Quick Claw and King's Rock, those items are generally... not good. Strats that rely on RNG are "uncompetitive" but they are also really REALLY unviable a huge portion of the time and yet they find themselves unallowed. Especially lame since King's Rock has a neat little use with Fling making it a second/improvised Fake Out. I would err on the side of caution in banning/preventing strategies that Smogon never did.
  3. Any chance that Knock Off's base power will be updated to 65?
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