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  1. We have previously discussed trying to do something fun and to make the tournament a bit more challenging for us by having multiple people line up for each tier and letting the opponent pick who they want to play against. Would this still be allowed and not result in any penalty?
  2. Honestly completely agree with this take. In WoW this system has made a drastic difference and is unanimously a good change and I haven't ever seen a single person complain about it. Obviously this isn't quite a 1 to 1 with mmo but it is pretty close and I can't think of a single reason for someone to want to push back on this suggestion other than trying to be a contrarian. The issue with mm in lower tiers is that it seems to be a circular problem. If a tier loses traction towards the end of a season or for a different reason then with less people queuing it becomes more stale bec
  3. Let us all agree to never talk about this battle again
  4. imagine betting money on someone who doesn't even play
  5. I personally really hate having a larger playoff bracket. I feel like it completely devalues the regular season to the point where it becomes almost pointless. People can very easily coast regular season while revealing none of their strategies and still make playoffs and at that point what advantage do you really have to finish first? Sure you get to pick your opponent but you most likely had to reveal a lot in doing so while your opponents that you get to pick from didn't. I think a 6 team playoffs should be the maximum playoff bracket and if not go even smaller. If the issue is to keep peop
  6. I feel like every season we have some crazy things happen that are for the most part out of the teams control. We've had players or managers dropping out for little to no reason, earthquakes, coaching scandals, bugs, people signing up on multiple accounts, copious amounts of rng as well as many other things over the years. And the result is almost always "shit happens" and then we move on with the event. I understand we don't have the same hosts every season and so we can't expect the same standard of decisions but I really don't understand how people are ok to let all these other
  7. Nincadas finished 4 points behind and the alleged match fix only cost them 2 points. I don't see how in any world this is fair to the lunatones. Pretending that a team that failed to do anything all season and finished 8th would have magically been a good team and won these last two weeks seems entirely baseless
  8. Gotta give them some credit. Even with their incredibly limited brain functionality they manage to remember the details to all 10 of their accounts. Actually impressed
  9. Anything in the rules about bugs or is it doomed?
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