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  1. In-Game Name: smbee Country: spain Preferred Tiers: rby ou, stadium ou Personal Note: e Discord Tag: SMB#1320
  2. You're right in something, games aren't very hype, not because of him but because of the people he might face :(
  3. Garchomp S -> A+ or A Metagross A -> A+ Salamence and Hydreigon A -> A- Gengar A- -> B+ or B Conkeldurr A- -> B+ Gyarados A- -> B Volcarona A- -> B+ Milotic B+ -> B- Hariyama B -> B+ Cofagrigus B -> C Abosmasnow B -> B+ Jellicent B -> B+ or A- Mienshao C -> B- Still I don't get the reason to rank most of the mons in tier C or D since 95% of the players would never use them. Like, for example look at tier D description: "Reserved for pokemon which only carry out a very limited function and are easily outclassed by other Pokemon in higher rankings" . Why would you rank mons that are "easily outclassed"? This basically means "don't use this". Why would you rank mons that you shouldn't use I don't get it. Also no offense but agreeing on every nom that's posted on here might not be the right move. I'd support a VR council or something to make a voting between them for the nominations and see if they agree or not with the changes.
  4. Hi, first time posting here. So like 1-2 weeks ago a friend told me about this metagame and since I'm always excited to try out new doubles metagames and this one seemed interesting I've been practicing and quite enjoying it. Since I couldn't find a viability ranking, I made my own one based on the experience I have playing BW doubles metagames and the few practice games I could play which I will submit later on the post. First of all I'd like to suggest a ranking system based on numbers instead of letters. The main reason is because these kind of letters VR are usually a mess and many bad and almost unviable stuff would end up ranked. A rank system based on numbers would make the VR easier to maintain and would make it look cleaner. This is the VR I came up with: TIER 1 Togekiss Garchomp TIER 2 Hitmontop Rotom-Wash Blastoise Kingdra Metagross Scizor Volcarona Ferrothorn TIER 3 Jellicent Reuniclus Conkeldurr Excadrill Tyranitar Milotic Hydreigon Rotom-heat Salamence Amoonguss TIER 4 Gengar Bronzong Abomasnow Pelipper Gastrodon Infernape Jolteon Ludicolo Torkoal Arcanine Chandelure Whimsicott Marowak Porygon2 TIER 5 Weavile Hariyama Bisharp Gyarados Mamoswine Rotom-mow Lilligant Breloom Aerodactyl Cofagrigus Eelektross Gigalith Krookodile Mandibuzz Mienshao Rhyperior Vileplume Staraptor Of course, although i think it's pretty accurate, take it with a grint of salt because I barely have experience on this metagame, but I think this might be a good point to start discussion from since I didn't care about usage when i made it (ranking pokemons based on usages isn't good :x). It is following a number ranking system and pokemon on the same tier don't follow any order. Great to see this thread was started!
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