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  1. Thanks for the replies I intend to put movements like Brave Bird and Sucker Punch, what do you think? unfortunately these are moves that I don't get evolving (in the case of Sucker Punch I evolve my Murkrow before he learns). I want to know how to learn Brave Bird (I don't understand how the egg move works, is it by breeding?), if that's the case, I can't learn it anymore?
  2. I recently breed a Murkrow up to 5x31 IV, it has Adamant nature and Super Lucky ability. It was then that a friend told me that he is a bad option for not having his main skill here, Moxie. I was a little frustrated with that, but I want to think that I didn't waste so much money and effort on anything. What is your opinion?
  3. I recently bought it I want to know if it was a good choice Some attacks that I would like to make him learn like Gunk-Shot, however I cannot find. it also has some good IVs.
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