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  1. For real i can stand for the amulet coin change (farm money on this game is the most painful activity of all online games, but i can bear it), but nerf the only item that helps you to level on a midly decent rhytm???? I swear even using it take a Pokemon to lv 100 is almost impossible, i hope they reconsider to at least change de lucky egg to what it used to be
  2. Absolutely agree. Never complained about it, even more, would be really cool if they do new stuff from zero or re-do's of the old stuff too!
  3. (about the spoiler): didnt know about this neither, thanks for state it
  4. I'm not talking in a programming/knowledge sense, i go more to the side that i see hard to do the jump from being playing in a 2d region to a totally 3d region and not feel it weird/disconnected. I'm sure they could make all part of one server and all, but i dont think would fit good, or at least, would be pretty harsh to move from those 2 things so different (at least in my opinion) Graphically: (New Games) https://www.nintenderos.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Dp3CUtHXgAEUPN1.jpg vs. (Old games) https://www.wikihow.com/images/1/1b/Catch-the-Three-Legendary-Birds-in-Pokemon-FireRed-and-LeafGreen-Step-12.jpg
  5. Hello people, this is the first post i ever do here (except for a few comments before), and the reason why i do it it's because since the announcement of the new Pokémon region and the new format of the new gen games (the "let's go" form that they are using now and for what we can see they will use for a long, til they do something new or better), I started to wondering what will be the future of this amazing game. The jump they did here from the 3rd gen to the 5th gen was pretty remarkable (in the graphic aspect), but it stills fitting pretty well, or looks similar at least, but after that gen we can all agree that it will be impossible to connect all this old games with those. I wonder if this game will end (in the adding of new regions of the original game) when they finally add Johto and Sinnoh, and after that they will do new things by their own hands, or maybe wait til all the old games get their respective remakes on the new 3d format and readapt PokeMMO to that, or what do you think could/will happen? Anyway, im interested to read what do you guys think about this, or the future of the games. Or even suggestions you think could be useful too, or whatever you think. This is a free-opinion post. And if maybe any admin wanna write any sure/or at least talked thing, would be amazing too. Im sure i'm not the only one thinkin on this things. By the way, thanks for read, and have a great day!
  6. Hey there man, nice post, always thought this same idea. Even more because I get into the competitive thanks to this game, always played Pokemon but alone in the console, so i had to learn a lot of things here by myself searching and even talking too, and it was a serious headache at that time hahaha (even at this point still learning because once you know the theory, you need to practice and fail and practice etc etc hahaha). I think they did an excelent job doing this game more difficult than the normal games, I replayed all the regions and I really noticed the difference (i'm the type of player that always level up all his pokes to more level than the rivals so the big limitation for levels per medal forced me to try to be creative and better at the pvp with the NPC's, thing that at the beggining was awful, but it makes me enjoyed the fights a lot more after a couple ones). But i think would be cool if they introduce some official guide or tutorial for the competitive (IN GAME), like the FAQ's, but something more... visible (maybe) or didactic. I suffered the breeding a freakin lot, the EV's too, and the concept of a true fight with a real human a lot more. Even ignoring that this would be pretty helpful for the people interested on the competitive that dont have any idea of it, would be REALLY HELPFUL for the game's life, because a lot of people just do the story and left the game (I have several friends that started to play to this with me and they left because they couldnt get into the competitive and after you do the storyline there is nothing more to do). And with this i mean that they need to make the competitive a truly second phase of the game, not an adittion, like, 'you finish the npc's?, okay, get ready for the real challenge boy'.
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