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  1. could you use a gif file if you wrote it in that code
  2. Thank you for bringing it to my attention I was in a hurry.
  3. I agree with many points however I feel they may have gotten themselves in the deep with promises. There are 4 devs and using a rom to make a game is a lot different than making your places and whatnot. It reminds me of a game my 8 yr old brother plays called Loomian Legacy the community was begging for updates, and they forgot the 5 devs had families and full-time jobs. The game was just a hobby they were forced into. Now for the team aspect, I was blessed to be in a super active, hilarious, amazing team everyone is awesome except you Daq. We host our own art events, catching events, PVP even
  4. @iLawo That is what the Amnesia Brace is also used for so I doubt they would do that
  5. Happy Halloween from mew make sure to work off those calories or else you'll be just like mew
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