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  1. Holy crap that looks amazing. thank you so much
  2. Whiplash's Breeds ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2x31, 3x25+ = 325k 2x31, 3x27+ = 375k 2x31, 3x30+ = 600k 3x31, 2x25+ = 500k 3x31, 2x27+ = 550k 3x31, 2x30+ = 700k 5x31 = 1.1m EV training and leveling done by request. DM me for details Notes: 1. All breeds are natured to request 2. Male and genderless breeding I do also! (Just ask me for price. I am inexperienced here, so it will take longer) 3. 21k breed's and 9k breed's are 50k and 25k extra respectively 4. First egg move is free, every one after is 9k extra per 5. 0 IVs are counted as 31 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please DM me on discord to request the breed before mailing me in game to insure that I am available to work on your order. When you mail me in game include the species, IVs, egg moves, final gender (if desired), ball request (no premier ball unless you provide), and the money. (Money must be payed upfront, feel free to post requested mon below, and keep screenshots to send to the devs if you do not trust me, but I must also protect myself from scams.) If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord or ingame. IGN: WhiplashW Discord: Whiplash926#2393
  3. Okay. I've got to get me one of these. Could I get one with Haxorus on it with a darker background and ofcourse, Whiplash (no W) and the optc as well. Will donate as soon as i have cash to do so.
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