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  1. 1.建议增加右键查看玩家资料卡功能 资料卡可包含人物形象,携带宠物,PVP对战分数 2.建议增加点击对方跟随宠物可查看对方宠物信息功能 3.建议增加排行榜功能 如闪光数量排行榜 可在榜上查看该玩家闪光宠物,成品数量排行榜,财产排行榜,PVP排行榜,PVP分数分级,类似英雄联盟的青铜白金大师 4.建议增加成就系统以及成就排行榜 5.建议玩家形象头顶的名字前可增加PVP分级的图标,或者成就图标,或者排行榜图标,让人一眼就能看到该玩家的段位,实力 1.It is recommended to add the function of right click to view player profile card Data CARDS can contain character images, carry pets, PVP battle scores 2. It is suggested to add the function of clicking each other's pet to view each other's pet information 3. It is suggested to add leaderboard functions such as flash number leaderboard to view the player's flash pet, finished product number leaderboard, property leaderboard, PVP leaderboard, PVP score rating, similar to the bronze platinum master in league of legends 4. Suggest adding an achievement system and achievement rankings 5. It is suggested that the PVP icon, or achievement icon, or leaderboard icon can be added before the name on the top of the player image, so that people can see the segment and strength of the player at a glance
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